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  1. Add to Calendar – Right from a Receipt Email!

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    Are you looking for a quick way for registrants to save classes to their personal calendars?

    Our latest update gives your registrants that convenience.  With the click of a button in a registrant’s receipt email, she can now save the newly-registered class. Each calendar event will include the event’s name, registrant names, date & time, location, and description. And the button works with any calendar software that supports the ICS format (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and more).

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  2. The CourseStorm for WordPress Plugin Is Here!

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    This year we’re working hard to make it even easier to integrate CourseStorm into your website. With our brand new CourseStorm for WordPress plugin, we’re closer than ever to that goal.

    What can it do?

    Our new WordPress plugin allows you to list and display information about your classes on your website. This has the benefit of keeping people on your website longer and allowing them to browse your catalog from within your website.

    The plugin will display a list of your categories, a slider for featured classes, a listing of classes in a category, and individual class pages.

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