Feature Spotlight

  1. The CourseStorm for WordPress Plugin Is Here!

    This year we’re working hard to make it even easier to integrate CourseStorm into your website. With our brand new CourseStorm for WordPress plugin, we’re closer than ever to that goal.

    What can it do?

    Our new WordPress plugin allows you to list and display information about your classes on your website. This has the benefit of keeping people on your website longer and allowing them to browse your catalog from within your website.

    The plugin will display a list of your categories, a slider for featured classes, a listing of classes in a category, and individual class pages.

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  2. Learn More about Your Students with Registration Details

    We’re wrapping up 2018 with a batch of new features for registrations. To start, we’ve revealed more about the registrations you receive through CourseStorm. We’ve added a new way to give you more information than ever about where a registration stands with our new registration detail screens.

    These two new screens open up information about registrations you’ve never been able to access in the administration area before – including a schedule of upcoming payments! It also provides a home for a number of new features we’ll be adding in the coming weeks.

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  3. Improving Search Engine Results for Your Classes

    As anyone who holds classes can tell you, attracting students is an important goal. In many cases, it’s the #1 priority for programs! Today we’re adding a new way to do just that: enhanced, richer results in search engines. Best of all, there’s nothing more you need to do to enable them!

    We’ve added some new code on most class pages that tells Google and other search engines more about the classes you offer. Though the search engine decides if and when to display these new interactive results, this new code gives them all the information they need to build the best preview for your classes.

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  4. The New Look of CourseStorm’s Emails

    As October winds down here at CourseStorm, we’ve been working hard on a couple of great new features. Starting today you might notice something different about the email notifications you receive from CourseStorm. It’s no Halloween trick – our emails are getting a new, modern, mobile-friendly makeover!


    The new design of CourseStorm's email notifications

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  5. Boost Enrollments with Class-Specific Promo Codes

    Whether you run seasonal catalogs or hold year-round classes, fall can be an important time of year! And we love doing everything we can to help attract registrations for your program. Here’s a quick tip to fill some extra seats with one of our newest features: class-specific promo codes.

    Do you have a class that’s in danger of being cancelled or one with a lot of available seats? Try posting a limited-time promo code for the class to your email list or on your page on Facebook.  Combined with CourseStorm’s automatic low enrollment emails, class-specific promo codes are one more way to reduce the chance you’ll have to cancel.

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  6. New Feature: Partial Refunds

    We hope you’re all enjoying the new start of the school year.  As a little “back to school” present from us, we wanted to let you know that partial refunds have come to CourseStorm.

    Not only can you now issue partial refunds for your registrations, but this update also includes a few other refinements to the refund process.  To start, you can now cancel a registration without refunding if you like.  You can also issue refunds outside of a cancelation — for example, if the registrant forgot to add a promo code during checkout.

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  7. Register for Multiple Classes with Cart

    After months of working behind the scenes, we are beyond excited to announce the single feature that has been requested by customers more than any other: the ability to register for multiple classes at once. We call it CourseStorm Cart. Read on to find out how to enable early access to the feature on your site!

    Once your site is equipped with Cart, students can pick as many classes as they want from your catalog and register for them all in a single transaction. And because CourseStorm has easy tools to register your family and friends as well, you can register as many people for as many classes as you want with just a few clicks!

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  8. Managing Class Sessions Is Now Even Easier

    We’re really excited to announce the launch of a pair of new features made especially for programs that run multiple sessions of the same class. They’re two of the most-requested features from users of CourseStorm: the ability to duplicate a class and to have multiple sessions for the same class. Both of these features are available starting today.Read more

  9. Our Focus on Accessibility

    Our goal at CourseStorm is to create an impossibly simple way for everyone to register for classes online. From birthing classes to retirement planning, from Washington to Texas to Maine, from summer camps to corporate training, we’re thrilled to give such a diverse range of people access to education at their fingertips.

    Over the past few months we’ve been putting a special emphasis on making online registration easier to use for individuals with disabilities. We’ve heard from a growing number of programs that accessibility is an important focus for them, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make some changes to increase usability for those with accessibility needs.

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  10. Feature Announcement: Family Tax Information For Parents And Organizations

    One desirable aspect of after-school child care and sports programs is that the fees are often tax deductible. However, gathering all of the necessary information come tax time can be a hassle for parents and organizations alike. Program directors are flooded with calls at the beginning of the year from parents that need tax ID numbers, receipts, and amounts paid for each child so that they can claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit (CDCC) on their tax returns.

    To make tax time easier for everyone, we are excited to announce a new feature that allows parents to retrieve the program’s tax information right from the registration system!

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