1. Why “Mobile-friendly” Class Registration Websites Matter

    The term “mobile-friendly” seems simple and sounds intuitive, yet it’s often confused. In this article, we discuss what it means for a website to be “mobile-friendly,” and why it’s important for your course registration website to be designed with mobile devices in mind.

    Mobile-Friendly Websites are Easier to Use

    If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably visited a website that forced you to zoom in on text to read it, or scroll up-and-down or left-to-right to find information. These websites simply shrink the desktop version of their site so that pages completely fit within the container of the smaller screen. Websites that look this way are NOT mobile friendly; they aren’t easy to use from a smartphone or tablet. Instead, they force the user to work hard to find what he or she needs, often causing frustration or abandonment.Read more

  2. Greenlight Maine

    Here at CourseStorm, we’re very big on spending as much time as possible on helping our customers, whether that be with individual phone and email support, creating new features to make things even easier, or dreaming up our next big concept.  Sometimes we spend so much time in-deep giving each of our customers a great experience that we don’t spend enough time telling everyone what an excellent company we have and what great stuff we’re working on.

    Well, thanks to the wonderful startup and entrepreneurship community in Maine, we’ve been given the chance to tell our story. Read more

  3. Fantastic new email tools built right in

    I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm as we get into the winter season. No doubt many of you are putting in your new catalogs for the coming year or are already taking registrations for your spring classes. We hope that last week’s new catalog management features have been a help there!

    Today, however, we’re announcing a couple of new features that have been in the works for a while and we’re very happy to finally unveil them.

    Read more

  4. Easier to organize classes just in time for 2015

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    We here at CourseStorm have been busier than ever not only with holiday preparations, but also polishing off a few updates that we think will make it even easier to organize your classes just ahead of the January registration season. Today, that’s all about catalogs!

    Read more

  5. Mobile registration now available

    In the past month since we’ve written, lots has been going on at CourseStorm and I’m pleased to let you know about our latest update: your catalog now has a fantastic mobile-friendly experience!

    Read more

  6. Our New Support Site

    It has been a very busy week here at CourseStorm and we have just now put the finishing touches on a long-needed resource: an official Support Site!

    Read more

  7. New exporting features make reports even easier

    I hope you’re having a great start to your semester!  As the leaves change, we at CourseStorm are also always on the move.  Today, I’m excited to tell you about some new features that just became available this week.  This update is all about exports and reporting!

    We’ve heard from quite a few programs that they’d love to see more ways to export just the data they want.  Previously, we had depended a lot on our site export feature for much of this data.  Today, however, we’re announcing lots of new ways to get right to the data you’re looking for.

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  8. Feature-packed Update

    I know you haven’t heard from us for a little while, but it has been a very busy few months here at CourseStorm! We added 70+ new programs this summer (Welcome!) and a multitude of new features. These include:

    • New class status options and drop-down menu
    • New Class List with “Edit” drop-down menu
    • New scheduling options (days, number of weeks)
    • Added Excel importing
    • Added ability to export all site data
    • Ability to search for and edit instructor information
    • Ability for programs to register students
    • Improved usability of registration process
    • Improved student account activation
    • Improved search function

    Whew! I won’t go over everything here or this post would be a mile long, but I will highlight a few of the new features:

    Read more

  9. Promo Codes

    We hope that all of you are getting to enjoy the fine summer weather. What a difference just a few months makes! Here at CourseStorm, we are continuing to work on improvements and updates, so without further ado, we introduce our latest addition: promo codes.

    Read more

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