In Celebration of Pi Day

We learned today that far more than 3.14 % of the CourseStorm team really loved their graphing calculators.

by Monique Bouchard, CourseStorm

In celebration of  Pi Day (and because we CourseStorm folks are naturally curious) we decided to see just how many math and math-related classes have been listed using CourseStorm since last year’s Pi Day. 

Curious to know how many there were?

We discovered that programs using CourseStorm listed 1,043 classes about math since 3/14/18!

That’s a lot of math – from SAT prep to medical math, brain games to game theory, and trade tycoons to Wall Street for kids. 

One of our favorite current classes is Montgomery Bell Academy’s Understanding Your TI-84: High School (Jedi edition).  This class listing inspired many fond memories and stories about our own graphing calculators, shared over pies (pizza, chocolate, coconut, and key lime).

We raise our slices to all the math teachers of the world and all the programs that help more people learn the wonders of mathematics.

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day at CourseStorm - table with pizza, coconut cream, chocolate cream, and key lime pies

Key lime, chocolate cream, coconut cream, and pizza pies -CourseStorm honors Pi Day in style.