New Administration Area – Now Available!

Modern, powerful, and impossibly simple class registration

As we promised last week, we’ve launched a brand new administration area for CourseStorm making it even easier to manage all your classes, registrations, waiting lists, and more!

Admin Area Refresh

If you haven’t already logged into your admin area today, you’re in for a treat! There are tons of new features available and a great new way to navigate which we think will make your day-to-day use of CourseStorm that much better.

To catch up, check out this video demonstrating all the great new features!

Lists, lists, and more lists!

When we first designed CourseStorm, we came up with a great way to jump just to the info you’re looking for using our global search field in the top-right of your admin area. Using this field and typing just a few characters lets you jump right to a class, a student record, or even a location you’ve already created. Simple and effective.

But there’s one thing that field doesn’t give you: a great way to see all of your data with a birds-eye view. For example, if you wanted to quickly scan your most recent registrations, there was no way to get there. Or maybe you’ve wanted to export a list of your most recently added students — no dice. At least, not until now.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a slew of new lists as part of the new admin area. You can now browse and sort all of your data making it easy to:

  • Browse unpaid registrations
  • See your most recently added students
  • Get a high-level view of your waiting lists
  • Remove out-dated instructors or locations

And even better — all the lists are now full-screen. This lets you not only see more of your data at once, but it also makes diving into a particular record and making some updates simple without leaving the context of the list you’re in.

A new way to navigate

To top things off, we’ve also added a brand new admin menu to make navigating around simpler as well.

You’ll still find the same Menu button you’ve come to use everyday. But now, click on it and you’ll see we’ve organized things into a super friendly sidebar giving you quick access to everything.

Organized into groups like Registration, Catalog, and Marketing, we’ve made it simple to find just what you’re looking for. Take it for a spin – we think you’ll love it!

A New Help System too!

And, just to sneak in one more update, we’ve also completely replaced and reorganized the CourseStorm Help site to reflect all the great new changes we’ve made.

Whew! Quite a bit of change for one morning, no? We hope you love these new updates as much as we love giving them to you. And, as always, if you have any feedback, just shoot us an email at We love hearing from everyone!