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  1. Making Payouts Easier to Understand on Statements

    Today’s update has to do with one of the best parts of the online class registration process: getting paid! We’ve just launched site-specific descriptions for bank statements that make managing catalog networks easier than ever.

    CourseStorm has built-in support for networks of sites. This option is great for anywhere that has different programs or departments: each program can have its own catalog while still allowing all classes to be combined under a single umbrella site. All kinds of organizations – from hospitals to community colleges to training programs – use CourseStorm networks to manage registrations for all of their locations or divisions. But when payouts started rolling in, it was a little confusing to match which payout came from which site.

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  2. Creating Class Names That Attract

    What’s in a name? Quite a bit, actually!

    Your class name is typically the first thing that a potential student sees when checking out your catalog, so there are benefits to creating an appealing class name. As you might expect, there are a few ways to create names that will motivate attendees to register. A creative approach can generate interest in classes, promise a result, or identify an audience — and each of these approaches helps motivate a student to click that “register” button!

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  3. New Enhancements for Payment Plans

    Payment plans in CourseStorm are a hassle-free option to manage payment for classes that are over $100. If you enable payment plans for a class, we’ll automatically create a plan based on when someone registers and the date by which you want all your funds collected. No need to worry about schedules or amounts.

    We’re always looking for new ways to make managing payment plans even easier for administrators, and today we’re excited to talk about two recently-launched features: rescheduling individual payments and changing the credit card for a payment plan once the plan is in progress.

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  4. In Celebration of Pi Day

    In celebration of  Pi Day (and because we CourseStorm folks are naturally curious) we decided to see just how many math and math-related classes have been listed using CourseStorm since last year’s Pi Day. 

    Curious to know how many there were?

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  5. Feature Spotlight: The CourseStorm Widget

    You’ve set up your classes for online registration with CourseStorm, and your catalog’s ready to go. There’s a good chance you have a site of your own, though, and you’d love to include a list of your classes on your site. Fortunately we make this really easy with the CourseStorm class list widget!

    Our widget allows you to plug in a bit of JavaScript code to your site that will load classes from your CourseStorm catalog. Even better, you have complete control on how you style the list of your classes; if you know CSS or know web designers who do, you can make our widget appear seamlessly with the existing design of your site.

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  6. Printable Rosters: Now Available for All Classes!

    CourseStorm provides an easy way for students to sign up for your classes, but we’ve heard from a number of programs having a way to manage students once classes begins would be really helpful as well. That’s why we’re really excited to announce a brand-new feature: printable rosters!

    Printing a roster in CourseStorm couldn’t be easier. On any class’s roster, simply click the “Print Roster” button in the top right corner of the student list. We’ll automatically generate a PDF file for you with each student’s name and contact information. These new rosters are great for attendance as well! We give you ten empty columns to use as you wish. We also provide a few blank rows in case there are any changes or drop-in students.

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  7. Add to Calendar – Right from a Receipt Email!

    Are you looking for a quick way for registrants to save classes to their personal calendars?

    Our latest update gives your registrants that convenience.  With the click of a button in a registrant’s receipt email, she can now save the newly-registered class. Each calendar event will include the event’s name, registrant names, date & time, location, and description. And the button works with any calendar software that supports the ICS format (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and more).

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  8. New Feature: Unlisted Classes

    Have you ever had a class where you wanted to limit registration to just a select group of people?

    Today’s your lucky day! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new way to make any of your classes unlisted. This keeps them out of your public catalog and makes them only accessible to those with the special link. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re done!

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  9. The CourseStorm for WordPress Plugin Is Here!

    This year we’re working hard to make it even easier to integrate CourseStorm into your website. With our brand new CourseStorm for WordPress plugin, we’re closer than ever to that goal.

    What can it do?

    Our new WordPress plugin allows you to list and display information about your classes on your website. This has the benefit of keeping people on your website longer and allowing them to browse your catalog from within your website.

    The plugin will display a list of your categories, a slider for featured classes, a listing of classes in a category, and individual class pages.

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