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  1. Use Google Images to Find Free Photos for Your Program

    “Where can I find images to use for my program?”

    This is a question that we often hear.  And usually, there’s a second, unspoken part of that question, “…for free?”

    Finding free photos to use when marketing your program can be a challenge.

    You’re looking for images to use in your program marketing that are:

    1. free to use and
    2. that you’re allowed to use and
    3. that you can use commercially.

    Fortunately, Google has a free tool to help make it easier for you to find images that work and it only takes five steps.

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  2. Payment Plans – More Powerful Than Ever

    At CourseStorm we want to do everything we can to connect people with education, removing whatever roadblocks we can for students and for programs. As organizations that run workshops, camps, or advanced classes know, one of those hurdles is often the cost of enrollment. That’s why we’ve always been really proud of CourseStorm’s effortless payment plans – and why today we’re excited to announce that they’re better than ever.

    Starting today, programs have two options for payment plans. You can still use the impossibly simple payment plan CourseStorm users know and love: enter a deposit and a date by which you’d like all funds paid and we’ll handle the rest – no scheduling or math required! But if you’d like fine-grained control, opt for a new custom payment schedule. We’ve kept it simple for you: we just need a date to start payments, an amount to pay, and whether you’d like the payments weekly or monthly. That’s it!

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  3. Enrichment Speed Dating – an Unforgettable Open House

    Fall in Love with…Woodworking?

    The room is crowded with people. There’s laughter in the air, and everyone is mingling. You’re at a table with a group of new friends, with one empty chair reserved for a special guest. A clear chime strikes in the air and an older gentleman joins your group, his hands rough and careworn. He offers a firm handshake to everyone and sits down. He places a stack of worn photos down, each one showing a beautiful piece of furniture.

    “Well,” he says in a voice touched with gravel, “You ever wanted to build your own kitchen table?” The minutes tear by as he speaks like a poet about woodworking and asks and answers questions. You realize that yes, yes you indeed do want to build your own table, but you never knew where to begin.

    The chime rings out again, and he moves on to a neighboring table. A young woman with rainbows in her hair takes his place. “Hi!” she chirps brightly, “did you know that I can totally teach you how to make the perfect French macaron?”

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  4. An Educated Decision – Tips on Validating Your Next New Class

    “How can I tell if this class I’m considering will be a success or a failure before I run it?”

    “I have a great idea for a class!” is a phrase you’re probably all too familiar with. It might be initiated by anyone —a student, teacher, or a community or board member. Sometimes you know it will be a hit but other times you may simply not know if the suggestion is worth pursuing.

    Launching With Confidence

    “Should I add this class?” How can you launch a new class with confidence, knowing that you’ve done your best to ensure that it’s what your learning community wants? How do you show your director or board that it will have a positive outcome for your program?

    Fortunately, there are many ways to explore how successful a class will be so you can feel like your decision to add —or not add— is a good one.

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  5. Making Sure the Price is Right

    It can be hard to put a price on education, for many reasons. Yet many educational programs need to put a price on their classes in order to thrive. If you’re one of those programs, understanding pricing is critical. Whether you’re a nonprofit arts organization, a workforce development program, or offering adult and community education classes, no matter who you are – you need to be making enough to continue providing excellent educational opportunities to your students!

    While a complete pricing guide would be insanely complicated (and different for everyone!) we’d like to share with you some thoughts on how to price your class based on our experiences and observations. So, how much should this class cost anyway?

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  6. How Great Photos Help Boost Enrollment (or A Tale of Two Cupcake Classes)

    Every business has a brand and whether you realize it or not, your program, large or small, has one too. You may not precisely know what it is, but you know that it’s certainly not dull, grainy, humdrum, blurry, ordinary, or boring! 

    It’s a near Shakespearian tragedy to see programs offering incredible classes using dull, grainy, humdrum, blurry, ordinary, boring, and other bad images in their advertising and catalogs (or worse yet – no images at all!). Such low-quality photos are not helping, and are definitely hurting your enrollments.

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  7. We’re LaunchPad Finalists!

    We are very excited to have been selected as a finalist for Gorham Savings Bank’s LaunchPad 2019 Competition!

    CourseStorm, Casco Bay Creamery, GO Lab, Sidewalk Buttler, and Vintage Maine Kitchen will participate in live a pitch competition to be held the evening of Tuesday, June 4 at USM’s Hannaford Hall in Portland. 

    LaunchPad helps Maine’s innovators and entrepreneurs reach the next level with an award of $50,000 from Gorham Savings Bank. The five Maine companies were selected from an applicant pool of more than150 businesses as the finalists of the seventh annual LaunchPad competition.

    LaunchPad promotional image featuring photos representing each selected company

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  8. In Appreciation of the Overlooked Majority – Those Who Teach Adults

    When we’re thinking of teachers, the image that first comes to mind isn’t usually the person standing before some of the millions of adult lifelong-learners, but it should be. Two times as many people take classes outside public schools, universities, and colleges combined. It takes a lot of teachers to deliver education to such a massive number of people! Yet the teachers of these classes are often the overlooked majority of educators, even during teacher appreciation week. But not by us!

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  9. What Can Your Program Learn from a Canceled Class?

    Oh, the class cancelation. Everyone winces and sighs when they have to send that email or make that call. It’s never fun to make or deliver the decision which will inevitably disappoint someone (especially if it’s you).

    Realistically, an “enrollment not met” cancelation is something that happens from time to time to many organizations. However, a canceled class offers lessons of its own that will help improve your program, if you are willing to learn, resulting in fewer canceled classes in the future.

    What new lessons and opportunities can come from a class cancelation? Here are eight to consider.

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  10. How To: Promote a Class on Social Media

    We know that everyone lives on social media these days. But did you know it’s also a great place to grow your enrollment?

    Social media is a popular place to promote classes. It’s free, easily accessible, and people spend tons of time using it. It’s a great place for people to talk, share, and get excited about what your program is offering. 

    We’ve designed CourseStorm to automatically format the classes you share to popular social media channels so all you need to do is add a little flavor text, the class link, and post it on your social network of choice, making it incredibly simple to share your classes and catalog with your audience.

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