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  1. Social Media Metrics That Matter for Course Marketing Wins

    You know your program needs to be on social media. Apparently, that’s where course marketing is happening these days. But you’re not a professional social media marketer and it often feels like you’re posting into the void.

    Social media metrics can help you track your social media impact to see what’s working. They can also give you the insight you need to make smart decisions about what, where, and how to post.  

    Are you wondering how would you measure the right social media metrics? We’ll show you the metrics that matter for course marketing. For each one, we’ll talk about what it is and how to track it. Plus we’ll show you how to troubleshoot if you notice your metrics aren’t where you’d like them to be.

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  2. 6 Benefits of Enrichment Classes Every Director Should Know

    Education is transforming. Technology is evolving. Meanwhile, a pandemic is still disrupting everything from class schedules to the way we think about learning. In this environment, offering enrichment classes might not feel like a top priority, but it should be. Whether you’re running an adult ed program, an afterschool program, or the education department of a theater or museum, enrichment classes can help you fulfill your mission. 

    If your program is like most enrichment programs, the majority of your learners come from the local community. Giving back to that community isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s also good for business. You can use these six benefits of enrichment classes as the basis for marketing campaigns, to encourage donations, or to inspire your team during difficult times.

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  3. How to Cancel a Class Without Upsetting Students

    Sometimes you have to cancel a class. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s one you’re almost certain to face at some point. Maybe the instructor got sick or the weather isn’t cooperating. Sometimes enrollment for the class is low and you can’t justify holding the session. Whatever the reason, you want to cancel the class without upsetting students who have already enrolled. 

    You might worry that disappointed students will seek out classes elsewhere. They might think your program is not dependable and hesitate to register again. You can minimize the impact of class cancellations by applying the four tips in this post. Plus, we’ve included a class canceled email template to help you write that tricky message.

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  4. 5 Advantages of Online Enrollment Systems For Arts Education

    Maybe the student enrollment system for your arts education program is less of a system and more of a loose collection of tools. You lose time and resources with every enrollment and you know something needs to change. Even so, you’re not sure those high-tech online enrollment systems are as great as they claim. You don’t want to invest in one unless you’re sure it’s worth it.

    So now you’re wondering: What are the advantages of online enrollment systems? Could they help your arts education program save time, avoid errors, and enroll more students? 

    We’re here to answer those questions. We’ll explore the five advantages of online enrollment systems to help you decide whether it’s worth investing in one for your arts education program. Plus, we’ll show you how you can integrate your online enrollment system with the patron management and ticketing systems you already have. 

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  5. How Theaters Can Boost Enrollment in Performing Arts Classes

    Increasing course enrollment can be a challenge for any course provider. It might be particularly challenging for theaters with arts education programs. The marketing plans and workflows you have in place for performances don’t necessarily translate into functional course enrollment tools. If your goal is to enroll more students in your community outreach classes in 2022 and beyond, this post is for you. 

    It’s been a tough couple of years for theaters. Maybe you’ve returned to in-person events, or maybe you’re still keeping things virtual. Either way, if enrollments in your theater arts classes haven’t reached the level you’d like them to, read on for some strategies to help you register more students.

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  6. Is Your Summer Camp Registration System Ready for 2022?

    You know you can’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about summer camp registrations. Kids and their parents are already looking forward to those glorious days of freedom and fun. They’ll be ready to register before you know it. Which is why now is the time to make sure your camp registration system is ready for them. 

    Think back to last year. Were you stuck managing a complicated camp registration system that overwhelmed employees and frustrated parents? Did your team waste a ton of time chasing down payments, consent forms, or other essential documents? Are you paying a monthly subscription fee for a program you only use six months out of the year? 

    If you answered yes to any of those, you might dread registration season. But there are actions you can take to simplify and streamline your process. Start here.

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  7. CourseStorm Welcomes Greg Shula and Nicholas Riegel

    We’re excited to start off this year with two new members of the CourseStorm team, Marketing Associate, Greg Shula, and Quality Assurance Analyst Nicholas Riegel.

    “We are excited to expand our team with the addition of Nicholas and Greg in these new roles. Together, they will help us grow our marketing and maintain our rigorous product quality standards as we continue to scale to meet the needs of educational organizations across the US,” said Brian Rahill, CourseStorm CEO. 

    CourseStorm Welcomes Greg Shula and Nicholas Riegel

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  8. Should Community Education Programs Use TikTok To Promote Classes?

    You’ve heard people talking about TikTok. Maybe you’ve seen TikTok videos shared on other social media platforms. You might even be on the platform yourself. It seems like just about everyone is these days. From pre-teens offering each other dance challenges to colleges and universities employing TikTok influencers, everyone seems to be finding their niche on TikTok. All this has you wondering: Should your community education program use TikTok? 

    Would TikTok help you promote your classes, attract more students, or reach a wider audience? It might. But as with any form of social media, you need a good understanding of the platform and a solid strategy before you try to use TikTok for education programs.

    Think of this blog post as a crash course in TikTok. We’ll explore what it is, how you might use it to promote your programs, and what you need to thrive on TikTok. Let’s get started. 

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  9. Optimize for Near Me Searches To Help Students Find Classes

    The internet connects us to people and businesses all over the world. But we also use it to find things in our own community. You might type in “burgers near me” to find a new burger restaurant or use voice commands to find a gas station when you’re in an unfamiliar part of town. Whatever you’re looking for, near me searches have become a common way to find it.

    So why haven’t you already optimized your course catalog to help your classes show up in near me searches? 

    If you’ve never considered location based search, or if you have, but weren’t sure where to start, this post is for you. We’ll walk you through why and how to optimize for near me searches so more local students find your classes.

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  10. Choose the Best Class Registration Software: How to Compare Options

    Choosing the best class registration software can quickly become overwhelming. You don’t just want the most popular solution or the one with the most bells and whistles. You want class registration software that fits the needs of your education program and your students. Ideally, it should make class registration simple and intuitive. 

    Obviously, we think CourseStorm is pretty great, and we’re always working to make it even better. But our goal is to help you find the class registration software that’s right for you. Whether you’re running the education department for a theater or the adult ed program for your region, you and your students deserve a system that works. That’s why we put together this cheat sheet to help you choose the best class registration software.

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