Working for CourseStorm

We’re on a mission to streamline how people find, register, and receive credit for informal education.

Education isn’t just part of our business.  It’s also a passion.  We nurture curiosity, personal growth, and excitement – in our employees, our customers, and in the learners they serve.

We take complicated technology and make it easy to use, make complicated ideas easy to understand and always choose function over form. We’re all about providing an impactful product that’s easy to use.

We value rigor, trust, simplicity, transparency. We are looking for people who are team-oriented, concise, empathetic, flexible, focused, and detail-oriented. 

We’re looking for someone who:  

  • Will dig in and embrace the mission and the job at hand

The job at hand can change quickly as needs adapt. While we all have our own role, we also pitch in across team lines when needed.

  • Shows up (and not just in the physical sense)

With a small team that’s accomplishing big things, there is no room for coattail riding. Showing up on time isn’t enough, we show up ready to work and are focused all day.

  • Is open to failing

Failure is a part of growing and while we do our best to mitigate failure, it’s going to happen. We take calculated risks, learn from what didn’t work, and improve for next time.

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CourseStorm’s not your average company!

With an award-winning management team, entrepreneurial spirit, and driven, passionate employees, CourseStorm is unlike any other company you’ll meet. Everyone plays a critical role in our success.

Here’s what some of our staff have to say about it.


Justin RussellI enjoy working with a team full of driven people who all feel they have a direct impact on our company’s goals. The lunchtime walks are great, too. 

Jeff WhitlowI love working at CourseStorm because we have a beautiful product that our customers love and it makes their lives so much better. Also, no two days are the same. It’s fast-paced and exciting and we are constantly evolving as a team each and every day!

Brady CharronI think one of the best parts about working here is the ability to try and fail, and always working toward a better product. Not everything works out all of the time, but the ability to try different things to get the best solution is great.

Becky WilloughMy favorite part about working at CourseStorm is seeing the company’s values of trust, empathy, and rigor exemplified in every aspect of the team’s work on a daily basis. The CourseStorm team is a fun bunch, each of whom works incredibly hard on a product that we all believe deeply in, and it shows.

Lukas ForbushI enjoy working here because I feel like everything I am doing contributes to the bigger picture. I feel like my professional skills are being developed in a way that wouldn’t be possible if I was working for a large corporation.


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