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Automated Marketing

Effortless results-oriented marketing tools

SMS Reminders • Personalized Recommendations • Abandoned Cart Notifications • Low Enrollment Notices

Attract more students without lifting a finger.

CourseStorm's automated marketing is the most simple and effortless way to increase registrations. By simply checking a box, you can have over 14% of your enrollments generated without any effort from you. The only question now is...What will you do with the extra time?

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Send personalized notices about upcoming classes to students, automatically.

  • Abandoned Cart Notifications

    Provide reminders to registrants who haven’t finished checking out.

  • Low Enrollment Notices

    Alert and motivate students and instructors to help recruit to fill your classes.

  • New: SMS Reminders

    Easily opt-in to send reminders via your students’ mobile device.

Personalized Recommendations

Promote the right classes to the right students with tailored, automatic marketing emails. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to send personalized recommendations effortlessly to your students? We think so too!

Our intelligent recommendation engine automatically emails your students individualized class suggestions based on their registration history.

When new classes are posted that match their interest, we’ll make sure they know about the classes they won’t want to miss.

No lists to create or segment, no external email tools to wrangle, and no content to write.  Our recommendation engine is optimized to send the right classes to the right students at the right time.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Send abandoned cart notifications to remind students to complete their registrations.

With life’s many distractions, it’s easy for people to lose track of what they’re doing online. When busy students get pulled away mid-checkout, they sometimes forget to complete their registration, causing your student to miss an interesting class and your program to miss a registration.

Anytime a person starts a registration, but doesn’t finish, we send them an email to remind them of their interest in the class they were purchasing, complete with a quick link to pick up right where they left off.

Your students will remember the classes they planned to take, and you get more enrollments (and happier students.)

Low Enrollment Notices

Get a little help from those most invested in getting a class filled. 

Nobody wants a class to cancel. Students don’t want classes to cancel because there are not enough registrations, and neither do you! We know that it’s often not a lack of interest as much as a lack of awareness. Sometimes, all it takes is a little promotion from those who are most invested!

CourseStorm automatically identifies at-risk classes a week before they begin and can alert you, your students, and instructors about classes that need just a little help to meet minimum enrollment.

Working as a team to promote the class and fill the seats, our low enrollment notifications result in fewer cancellations of classes students want to take. Full classes, happy students, happy program! 

New: SMS Reminders

Remind students of upcoming classes with automated text messages.

It’s no secret that for years now, folks have been relying more and more on their mobile phones as their primary means of communication. Email is great, but nothing beats a nice, short text message for a quick notification.

Text message reminders will be available to all CourseStorm customers. Want to turn it on or off? All you do is check a box in your settings and our system will take care of the rest!

If a student or parent has entered a phone number capable of text messaging, they’ll automatically receive reminders for classes alongside their email notifications without having to make any changes to their profile.

Our data show that on average, CourseStorm customers using automated marketing get 14% of their registrations from just these four tools!

And, some programs have gotten anywhere from 30% to more than 50% of their registrations directly from these automated emails—it’s an invaluable marketing machine included with every CourseStorm account!