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Save Staff Time with Automatic Instructor Updates

Matt James

April 26, 2016

We hope you’re all having a great Spring! Here in Maine, we’re definitely excited to see the warmer weather and have already taken the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air. But that’s not all we’ve been up to!

We’re thrilled to work with educational organizations across the country from small, two-person operations to those with a larger staff and thousands of registrations per year. But there’s one thing you all have in common — there’s never enough time!

We know how you feel, so we’ve been hard at work on new time-saving features to let you spend more time with your students and less time on office work.

Automatic Class Updates for Instructors

If you work with really great instructors, I’m sure you find that they’re always interested in how their classes are doing. Your staff may be asked all the time: “Do I have any new registrations?”, “Have there been any cancellations?”, or “Who is on the waiting list?”

Well, with updates coming tomorrow, we’ve made it simple to answer these questions with instructor class updates. Now, just by adding an email address to your instructors’ records, they will automatically be notified whenever there are updates on their classes.

Your instructors will know when:

  • A new registration arrives for their class
  • A student’s registration is cancelled
  • Someone is added to the waiting list
  • A student is transferred away from their class
  • A student is transferred to their class
  • Someone on your staff sends an email to their class roster or waiting list
  • Just set their email and let us handle the rest!

Learn more about automatic class updates >

Even more time savings

And if you’re looking to take things one step further, we’ve also made it so that you can give out limited admin access where your instructors can download their own rosters, browse their waiting lists, and even send an email to their students about last-minute class details.

Learn more about instructor log ins >


We love hearing from all of you so, as always, if you have any feedback, just shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!

Matt James

Matt has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. As the founder or co-founder of four software companies, he comprehensively understands technology, design, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and customer service. Matt co-founded CourseStorm to connect learners to classes where they can gain education a la carte to enrich their lives through art classes, prepare for a new job, or level up their existing skills.

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