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Increase Class Signups With Summer Camp Software

by Brian Rahill, CEO, CourseStorm

Summer camp season is here! The school year is ending, the weather is finally getting warmer, and kids everywhere are getting anxious to head off to camp.

For camp administrators, the busy season is already in full swing. Fielding phone calls, answering emails, tracking registrations, following up on cancellation lists – just getting the campers registered is a full-time job in and of itself. Many camps still require parents to fill out a paper form and pay the registration fee by check. Others use email registration or Google forms, which simplifies the process a little but still requires time and effort on the part of the administrators and parents.

Instead of spending hours on paperwork, wouldn’t you prefer to use that time to develop new programs, talk with parents, or work on marketing?

We hear this a lot, and that’s why we decided to make tracking and managing camp sign-ups impossibly simple.

Kids Camp Software Automates Registration

Summer camp registration software takes all the organizational work off your hands, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Instead of organizing and compiling stacks of paper registrations and all of the medical release or liability release forms, all of the information will be in a simple dashboard on your computer, saving you hours of work and reducing the likelihood that something will be overlooked.

Parents love it too, since it only takes three clicks (or a few taps on a mobile device) to get their children registered for summer camp. Software solutions like ours mean that parents can register and pay for their children’s camps in one easy step, right from their homes or on the go, rather than manually filling out paperwork and having to mail a check, or take time away from work to call and pay over the phone.

Increase Camp Signups & Manage Waiting Lists

Parents like to know that their children’s summer days are safe, active, and fun. So when it comes time to make decisions about their children’s summertime activities, most busy parents will agree that it’s much easier to remember to go online and register for a camp than it is to put a registration form in the mail or drive it across town with a check. In fact, many camp administrators find that signups increase 18% on average during the first year, and 15% each year after implementing CourseStorm due to the simplified process.

Because kids camps are so popular, it’s not uncommon for classes to fill up well in advance of the date. However, as any administrator can attest to, it’s also not uncommon to have last minute cancellations once summer begins. Instead of shuffling through paper registrations to see who’s on the waiting list, making phone calls and confirming payment, CourseStorm allows parents to automatically place their children on waiting lists for classes. The registration is time-stamped and administrators can quickly and easily see who is next, add them to the class, and have an email automatically sent notifying the parents that a spot has opened up.

Not only is this fair for the kids on the waiting list and convenient for parents, it ensures maximum revenue for camps from full classes.

How It Works

Getting started with CourseStorm for your kid’s camp is a snap.

  1. Add your camp classes to the CourseStorm catalog.
  2. Set up your payment and direct deposit information. If you haven’t started your free trial, you can get started here.
  3. Add a link or the CourseStorm widget to your camp catalog on your website.
  4. Direct parents to securely register and pay for classes online with a simple 3-step process, which gathers information like a child’s allergies, necessary medical history, or other waivers required by your camp program – all during the registration process
  5. Manage your classes and signups through the user-friendly CourseStorm dashboard.

We hope this information helped you see how easy it is to increase camp signups, reduce your administrator’s workload, and offer a much-appreciated convenience for parents!

While it’s natural to worry about the learning curve of a new system for admins and parents, CourseStorm was designed to be impossibly simple to use, requiring no IT department and just minutes to set up. With a free 30 day trial and a friendly, helpful support staff, you’ve got nothing to lose by seeing if CourseStorm is a good fit for your camp.

Brian is a scientist-turned-education technology executive. He has founded and led technology companies for more than 20 years and uses his analytical mind and experimental approach to spur growth in small and medium businesses and start-ups. He is passionate about using technology to enhance access to lifelong learning.