Register for Multiple Classes with the Cart Beta Program

After months of working behind the scenes, we are beyond excited to announce the single feature that has been requested by customers more than any other: the ability to register for multiple classes at once. We call it CourseStorm Cart. Read on to find out how to enable early access to the feature on your site!

Once your site is equipped with Cart, students can pick as many classes as they want from your catalog and register for them all in a single transaction. And because CourseStorm has easy tools to register your family and friends as well, you can register as many people for as many classes as you want with just a few clicks!

We’ve been working to streamline the checkout process as we develop Cart as well, and we believe it’s simpler to use than ever – whether you’re registering for one class or ten.

CourseStorm Cart beta program

The Cart Beta Program

We’ll be going into more detail about what Cart is and how it works in the coming weeks. For now, we wanted to give our programs the ability to start using this great new feature as soon as possible. That’s why we’re launching the Cart beta program: early access to this new feature for sites that want to get up and running as soon as possible.

Sign up for the Cart beta program using the link below. We’ll be rolling out the feature to beta program customers over the next few weeks, and we’ll be in touch about the steps to take to make sure your site is Cart-ready.

Sign up for the Cart beta program now >

We can’t wait to launch Cart for all CourseStorm sites once the beta program is complete. We’re confident it will be yet another way for you to increase enrollments and make it even easier for students to attend!