Making Payouts Easier to Understand on Statements

by Justin Russell, Product Manager, CourseStorm

Today’s update has to do with one of the best parts of the online class registration process: getting paid! We’ve just launched site-specific descriptions for bank statements that make managing catalog networks easier than ever.

CourseStorm has built-in support for networks of sites. This option is great for anywhere that has different programs or departments: each program can have its own catalog while still allowing all classes to be combined under a single umbrella site. All kinds of organizations – from hospitals to community colleges to training programs – use CourseStorm networks to manage registrations for all of their locations or divisions. But when payouts started rolling in, it was a little confusing to match which payout came from which site.

Starting today, we’ll show the name of the CourseStorm site for each payout on your bank account statement. This small change makes managing your money much easier if you’re managing payouts from a bunch of CourseStorm sites!

Example of CourseStorm payout statement descriptors

Note: Descriptions may appear differently from bank to bank.

Visit our newly-refreshed help site for more information about payouts and receiving money from your registrations.