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Simple online registration software that’s perfect for everyone.

There’s no place with more diverse offerings than a local community education program. Music, art, cooking, computer skills, wellness —online or in-person — the list goes on and on. It can be hard to manage that much variety, but thankfully we make it easier. Using CourseStorm’s simple and powerful registration system, you can keep your registrations for every class all in one place. 

  • Online Registration

    We make it simple to register, so you have happy students and increased enrollments.

  • Credit Card Processing

    Built-in payment processing lets you start taking credit card payments in minutes.

  • Mobile Registration

    Let your students register from anywhere and on any device — no app required.

  • Intuitive Administrative Tools

    View rosters, registration history, waiting lists, and send emails to an entire class at once. And you can have as many admin accounts as you need.

  • Customized Registration Forms

    One size does not fit all. From waivers and pricing adjustments to class-specific questions, we have you covered.

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Use our automated marketing tools to maximize your online class enrollments, including abandoned order reminders and personalized recommendations.

Circle of friends

Your classes are social occasions.  If I want to take a pottery class, I’m definitely bringing my friends along too.  With friends and family registration, it’s easy for students to add anyone they like to their circle of friends, making them all a click away from registering for the class together. Even better, they can register for as many classes as they’d like at the same time.

And you’re sure to hear a resounding “Thank you!” from all of the families you cater to.  With our group accounts, it’s easy to register the whole family for different activities all in one fell swoop.

Only pay for what you use

Unlike other systems that take hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get off the ground, it’s free to get started with CourseStorm. The only time you pay is when you get paid. And we also offer options for programs that offer their classes for free. It’s that simple.

Grow your program, reach more students

On average, programs using CourseStorm grow their online registrations by 20% in their first year. With our easy to use tools, you can spend more time working with people and less time working with computers, giving you the space to grow your program. We’ve even built tools like enrollment warnings and abandoned order notifications to automatically look for new registrations without any extra work.

Automatic Waiting Lists

With all that growth, you’re going to have some popular classes. Thankfully, we have you covered there as well. When a class fills up, we automatically close registration and allow students to sign up for the waiting list instead. If you decide to open up more space, they’ll have a spot reserved in the class. 

Much, much more...

There’s even more to love about CourseStorm.  To learn more about direct deposit, promo codes, reporting features, and more check out our other features.

“CourseStorm is very intuitive and user-friendly, with an easy way to register and pay. It’s so simple to use for our learners.  Even if there is not great bandwidth in rural areas or learners are not tech-savvy. The system is so easy for them to use.”

—Dave Durkee, Director
Sacopee Valley Adult Education