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Streamlined online registration without a lot of work.

Education is a lifelong journey. From reskilling to upskilling, you’re training employees, educating students with new skills, and keeping workers up to date with the latest trends and regulations –and we’re making online registration easy for anyone at any age. 

Let CourseStorm simplify your entire registration system, from payment processing to rosters to painless refunds. Whether you’re offering in-person or online classes, here are just a few of the features we provide to help you save time and money.

  • Mobile Registration

    Ever registered for a class while making coffee? Now your students can. CourseStorm makes it easy to sign up for a class from any smartphone or tablet.

  • Multi-Registrant Cart

    Whether they’re attending one class or many — or registering one person or many —   students can take care of all their registrations in a single transaction.

  • Payment Plans

    Don’t worry about scheduling or tracking down payments for your more expensive classes. We’ll create a plan perfect for each student and handle payments automatically.

  • Powerful Marketing

    Use our automated marketing tools to maximize your online class enrollments, including abandoned order reminders and personalized recommendations.

  • Customized Registration Forms

    One size does not fit all. From waivers and pricing adjustments to class-specific questions, we have you covered.

  • Easy Reporting

    Download a complete registration history or financial report in a couple of clicks. And generating a printable class roster is a breeze.

Built with students in mind

We recognize that your students are already busy. They’re looking for professional development, skill mastery, or even retraining in a new field.

We spend every day working to make it easy for students to find the classes you offer and make their online registration process impossibly simple. CourseStorm lets students register at any time from anywhere, whether they’re using a computer, tablet, or phone. Registering for multiple classes at once is a snap, and we’ll save their contact information, so they save time the next time they register.

When a popular class fills up, we’ll automatically close registration and let students add their names to the waiting list. If you’re able to open more seats later, they’ll have a spot reserved in the class.

We’re always thinking of your students’ experience and how to best connect them to affordable, lifelong learning.

Simple, affordable pricing

Bank-breaking yearly contracts are a thing of the past. Our simple, transaction-based pricing is dramatically more affordable than most other platforms.

It’s remarkably easy to get your course catalog up and running, and from the very first day that you begin taking registrations, CourseStorm is pay-as-you-go. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no lock-in, and no long-term contracts. Your success is our success.

Offer only or mostly free classes? No problem! You’ll love our low, flexible annual pricing plans created exclusively for you. Contact us for more information.

Keep everything in sync

We know how important it is to keep all your systems up to date. Want to track student data using internal software or send transaction information to a separate finance system? No problem.

We designed CourseStorm from the start with integration in mind. Using our robust APIs, or Zapier zaps, your IT team can integrate your systems directly with CourseStorm’s cloud-based software, making sure that your classes appear where you want them and your student data stays in sync.

An easy-to-use WordPress plugin and customizable catalog widgets provide an easy way to list your classes on your existing site, too.

Much, much more...

And there’s even more to love.

To learn about our commitment to growing enrollments, keeping data secure, and more, read more about the features that are built into CourseStorm.

Everyone LOVES this new system.

We have received so many compliments on this new system for its ease of use and the professional image it provides us.

The staff time we are saving by the instructors having the ability to manage their own classes through their own instructor accounts is huge for us. The instructors love the ability to access their classes 24/7 – they are stoked!

The system is so user-friendly that we are finding that we are taking fewer registrations over the phone. We are seeing many registrations come in on a daily basis that we haven’t had to personally process manually.

I am so thankful we switched to CourseStorm. Our work life is so much easier and happier now!

—Lorrie Berry, Shasta College