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We make increasing enrollments impossibly simple.

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Simple tools for online class registration to get the job done quickly, saving time and money

We know you're busy, so we've spent countless hours building simple, yet powerful tools to help programs like yours to connect with their students. Whether you offer in-person or online classes, here are just a few features we offer to help you save time and money. 

Online Registration & Payment Processing Online registration made simple with built in payment processing. Learn More Grow Enrollments Our mission is to help you grow enrollments and we've designed CourseStorm around that idea. Learn More Friends & Family Registration Registrants can easily add multiple adults and children to their accounts, which makes it easy to sign everyone up at once. Learn More Mobile Registration Catalogs look great on all smartphones and tablets, which makes it a pleasure for anyone to register on the go. Learn More Email Marketing Email all your students at once or send updates to one roster at a time. Learn More Much, much more... Mobile friendly admin, attendance tracking, kids class age restrictions, waiting lists, promo codes, and more tools for any class, in-person or online. Learn More
Online Registration

It starts with online registration that’s impossibly simple for your registrants.

We designed CourseStorm to be straightforward and easy to use so you won’t lose students on the way. It takes just a few clicks from start to finish, to increase your enrollments with no additional work on your part. We also created a streamlined process for you to handle refunds and universally transfer students between classes, even if it’s a different price.

Payment Processing & Direct Deposit

CourseStorm takes care of everything for you. There’s no merchant account to set up and no bank to talk to. We deal with all the technical details like security certificates, encryption, PCI compliance, and merchant accounts, so you don’t have to.

We deposit the funds right into your bank account and email you a receipt complete with all the details. With flexible payouts, you receive monthly, weekly, or daily deposits with the ability to control how much money you keep in your account to cover refunds. We’ll even take care of cancellations and refund money back to students for you automatically. 

Grow Enrollments

Making education accessible is at the heart of our company.

So whenever we see an opportunity to help you increase your reach, we jump at the chance. That’s why we designed an impossibly simple registration process to increase enrollments, created payment plans to make pricier classes more approachable, offer built-in email marketing at no additional cost, and have automated best practices like enrollment warnings and abandoned order reminders to cancel fewer classes.

It’s also why at CourseStorm, we only succeed when you succeed.

Friends & Family Registration

Sometimes you need to register more than one person. With group registration, it’s easy to add other people to your circle of friends, any of whom can be added to your registration with a single click.

Whether it’s a crew of best friends or coworkers in the office, CourseStorm’s group registration is quick and efficient. And, if you cater to families, your parents will love how simple it is to keep everyone under a single account. 

Mobile Registration

More than 50% of website visits are made on mobile devices. If your site’s not ready, these visitors won’t stay long. Luckily, we’ve designed a first-rate experience for mobile users, no app required.

No matter what smartphone or tablet they use, your students will be able to browse your offerings and register seamlessly on the go.

Email Marketing

What’s a great registration experience if you can’t get the word out about your classes? We’ve built email tools right into CourseStorm that make it easy to announce your new catalog or a new, fantastic class people will love.

It takes just two clicks to send an email to all of your students and give them the latest news about your program. No lists to import and no extra newsletter program needed. You can also send an email to just one class roster to manage weather cancellations, changes in location, or provide information about what they’ll need to bring, with ease.

Personal Automated Marketing Tools

You can also choose to use our automated marketing. Our intelligent recommendation engine will send personalized recommendations to individual students based on their past registration history with your program. Plus, we’ll send reminders when class is about to begin and abandoned cart reminders when a student has forgotten to complete a transaction they started.

CourseStorm is trusted by many arts organizations and educational programs across the country. What do they say about CourseStorm?


We take security seriously.  How seriously?

  • Data Centers

    Our servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers surrounded by multi-tiered security systems.

  • Strong security

    All communication in and out of your catalog site is covered with 256-bit SHA-2 encryption. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides extra security.

  • Backups

    We maintain nightly and weekly backups of all data to ensure strict data integrity.

  • PCI Compliant

    Credit card information is received in a completely PCI compliant manner and encrypted such that even our company cannot see the full credit card number.

  • Stored cards safely encrypted

    Registrants who choose to store their credit card for re-use are protected by Stripe’s on-disk AES-256 encryption. Stripe is a Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant service provider.  Learn more about Stripe’s intensive security.

  • Time-tested

    Our team has developed e-commerce software for more than 15 years, and built the well-earned trust of our customers.  We’ll be happy to do the same for you.


With CourseStorm, there’s no software to install and nothing to update. Just jump on the web and log in. We handle the rest, no IT department required.

Unlimited, Sensational Support

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the phone forever waiting to talk to someone, anyone, who knows what’s going on. We can’t stand it either.

We pride ourselves on sensational support from caring staff right here in Maine. CourseStorm’s Customer Success Team is proud to receive consistently high ratings for customer satisfaction. How sensational? It may sound crazy, but if you’re curious about how we treat our customers, we recommend you call any of them and ask.

Just be gentle with their time, they’re busy growing their programs.  

Much, much more

There’s so much to CourseStorm, it’s hard to fit it on one page. Here are just a few other features we just couldn’t leave out.

  • Cart

    Have a student who really wants to pack their calendar with your classes?

    CourseStorm’s cart makes it easy to register for as many of your classes as they like, qualify if there are any kids class age restrictions, and pay for them all at once.

    Learn more >

  • Waiting Lists and Private Invites

    When a class fills up, we automatically close registration and allow students to sign up for the waiting list instead. When a spot opens up, send private, expiring invites to select waiting list students and parents so they can place the registrations themselves.

    Learn more >

  • Mobile Friendly Admin & Attendance Tracking

    The admin area is now optimized for mobile devices for users who log in on the go.

    Instructors can track attendance via mobile devices and keep a definitive record of which students attended class. No clunky computer or paper is needed!

  • Customized Registration Forms

    One size does not fit all and we get that.  That’s why we’ve built in an impossibly simple way to customize your classes’ registration forms.

    Add new questions to your forms, add a waiver, automatically adjust pricing based on answers, and even make questions class-specific.  The power is in your hands.

    Learn more >

  • Promo Codes

    We know many programs like to offer discounts to select students. Maybe you run special early bird sales or marketing discounts to entice select students? If that’s the case: our promo codes are the answer — whether they apply to all of your classes or just a few.

    Learn more >

  • Payment Plans

    Painless payment plans used to be an oxymoron, but no longer!  Instead of having to manually track and follow up with each student on their amount due, let us do the work for you.

    CourseStorm will easily create payment plans for a given student and automatically charge their card. Reschedule a payment with just a couple clicks. You just receive the deposits and the increased enrollments!

    Learn more >

  • Unlisted Classes

    Want to open up a class’s registration early for a select group of students or hide a class from the general public? Simply change your class’s visibility, and we’ll give you a link to share with the students you want to attract.

    Learn more >

  • Reporting

    We have built-in Excel reports throughout the system so you can get right to the data you need.

    Need to get a list of your students? Maybe you’d like to pull a report on your registrations? Or how about a roster for just a single class? We have you covered. Keep an eye out for AI-powered reporting in the future!

  • Integrations

    We simplify integrating with your program’s existing website, internal services, LMS, or other systems. Easily add your catalog with our plugin for WordPress, style a customizable catalog widget, or pull data with our powerful API.

    Learn more >

We are rated 4.5 stars by our users on popular business software websites for our ease of use, value, and outstanding customer support.

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“Using CourseStorm has simultaneously helped us grow enrollments and streamline our registration process, giving us more time with students. We love it!