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Email Templates For Simple Course Communication

Get every email template you could possibly need to make course communication simple for your informal education program. Download the resource pack here.

Email Templates for Simple Course Communication


The Complete Student Registration System: 8 Parts You Need

Every effective student registration system includes 8 essential parts. Find out what they are and how they work together for students.

The Complete Student Registration System


Marketing Classes With Your Website: How to use your website to sell more classes

Your website is a valuable marketing tool. Use this guide to marketing classes with your website to get more registrations and improve the user experience.

Marketing Classes with you Website


Streamlining Registrations: A guide to making class enrollment easy

Streamlining registrations makes class enrollment easier for you and your students. This guide will help simplify and automate your registration process.


Email Marketing to Increase Your Class Enrollments

A guide to using email marketing to reach students and fill classes.
Email Marketing to Increase Your Class Enrollments | A CourseStorm Guide