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Digital Badges

  1. Digital Badging in Maine: Connecting Curiosity with Credentials

    We thought it’d be fun and informative to update you about a conference our CEO, Brian, attended in Denver, Colorado – all about reimagining systems that make learning that occurs anytime, anyplace, and at any pace count towards college and career readiness.  

    In this vein of learning anyplace, you may remember a blog post we published a while back in which we discussed the excitement around digital badging as a new way to recognize and reward education.

    In a nutshell, according to LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System) digital badging “is a new way to capture and communicate what an individual knows and can demonstrate.” And what’s arguably most exciting about the badges themselves is the “digital” part: this means that when earned, the badges can be attached to digital signatures, LinkedIn profiles, shared on social media… the possibilities are endless!

    And so, in this post, we’ll be covering how CourseStorm has been supporting digital badge use here in Maine, as well as Brian’s experience at the “Competency-Based Education & Digital Credential Design Convening” in Denver.

    Let’s jump in!Read more

  2. Digital Badges: Recognizing and Rewarding Education

    For a long time, people have accessed education and gained skills in both formal and informal educational settings. But until recently, there’s been no consistent way to acknowledge or get “credit” for informal education.

    We’re excited to tell you about an emerging trend in education that is providing a new way to recognize learning wherever and whenever it happens. The trend is called “badging.” Badging is the process of recognizing and verifying various forms of learning using digital badges. It’s a movement gaining momentum worldwide among educators, adult education programs, students, and professionals. Read more