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  1. How To Sell “Big Ticket” Courses – Offering Payment Plans

    While the average course price that crosses the CourseStorm platform is around $50, we also have many customers that specialize in “big ticket” courses. Often, classes priced at $1,000 or more are professional credentialing classes required to maintain certifications for employment. Missing out on this essential training could be detrimental to an individual’s career, but due to normal life events like major homes repairs, a perfect candidate for the class may not have the cash available right away. The result is that folks who want to take a course have to save up and wait for the next scheduled class; or, they miss out altogether if it’s not offered again. For you, this means your classes aren’t full and you’re losing revenue.

    Not when you use CourseStorm! We make selling big ticket courses easy by allowing you to offer convenient payment plans right from the online registration system.

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  2. Increase Class Signups With Summer Camp Software

    Summer camp season is here! The school year is ending, the weather is finally getting warmer, and kids everywhere are getting anxious to head off to camp.

    For camp administrators, the busy season is already in full swing. Fielding phone calls, answering emails, tracking registrations, following up on cancellation lists – just getting the campers registered is a full-time job in and of itself. Many camps still require parents to fill out a paper form and pay the registration fee by check. Others use email registration or Google forms, which simplifies the process a little but still requires time and effort on the part of the administrators and parents.

    Instead of spending hours on paperwork, wouldn’t you prefer to use that time to develop new programs, talk with parents, or work on marketing?

    We hear this a lot, and that’s why we decided to make tracking and managing camp sign-ups impossibly simple.

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  3. Growing Non-Profit Class Enrollments – How To Get Free Traffic From Google

    Here at CourseStorm, we want our clients to be successful in all aspects of running their organizations. Sure, we try to make it easier by providing a simple course registration system, but another way we can help is by letting our clients know about a fantastic program where you can receive advertising grants for nonprofits from Google. With just a little bit of legwork, nonprofits can receive up to $10,000 per month in FREE advertising on Google.

    The program is called Google Ad Grants, and here’s what you need to know about it.

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  4. Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Inspiring & Extraordinary Offerings from Around the Country

    Just browsing the fun, practical, completely unlikely possibilities in your local Adult & Community Education brochure makes one thing clear. Program directors in towns and cities around the country relish the opportunity to entertain new, original course ideas from talented community members. We traversed the nation, digitally speaking, to highlight some of the most interesting, inspiring and of-the-moment community education classes you can sign up for right now. Even if you can’t get to Arizona to join a Mariachi band or to Pima to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, this list will at least motivate you to take – or teach – a class in your own hometown.

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  5. Need Job Training? Language Skills? Certification? See You at Adult Ed

    At a time when the skilled labor gap is an economic reality, Adult Education programs are doing the heavy lifting. Successful Adult Education programs play a critical role in our local and national economies. It is as true today as it’s ever been: a strong Adult Education program means a strong community – one that serves the needs of the labor market and the needs of individuals that make up their student population.

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  6. Cancel less classes, automatically.

    Here at CourseStorm HQ, we consider it our job to make it simple for students to connect to those great classes of yours. So, as you might imagine, we’re about as disappointed as anyone when a class has to cancel because there just aren’t enough students registered. It’s not great for you and your team who have worked hard to make the class available, it’s not great for the instructor who’s excited to share their knowledge, and it’s not great for the students who were really looking forward to taking that class!

    Well, thankfully, just in time for Fall registration, we’re adding a brand new way to help you cancel less classes, automatically, and it’s launching today!

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  7. Digital Badging in Maine: Connecting Curiosity with Credentials

    Hi, everyone – Michael here!

    We hope that your August has been as nice as the recent weather in Maine! There’s been a lot going on here at CourseStorm, and we’re excited to share with you all of the updates we’ve been working on.

    In the meantime, before we get into the heart of the fall registration season, we thought it’d be fun and informative to update you about a conference our CEO, Brian, attended in Denver, Colorado – all about reimagining systems that make learning that occurs anytime, anyplace, and at any pace count towards college and career readiness.  

    In this vein of learning anyplace, you may remember a blog post we published a while back in which we discussed the excitement around digital badging as a new way to recognize and reward education.

    In a nutshell, according to LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System) digital badging “is a new way to capture and communicate what an individual knows and can demonstrate.” And what’s arguably most exciting about the badges themselves is the “digital” part: this means that when earned, the badges can be attached to digital signatures, LinkedIn profiles, shared on social media… the possibilities are endless!

    And so, in this post, we’ll be covering how CourseStorm has been supporting digital badge use here in Maine, as well as Brian’s experience at the “Competency-Based Education & Digital Credential Design Convening” in Denver.

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  8. How to Create Certificates of Achievement for your Students

    Hi everyone, Michael here!

    We hope the start to your August has been as nice as the recent weather in Maine! There’s been a lot going on here at CourseStorm and we’ve spoken with many of our education providers who are gearing up for fall registration. Needless to say, we’re excited to share some new developments with you as we get closer to fall registration season.

    In the meantime, we thought a quick tutorial on how to easily create certificates of achievement through CourseStorm would be helpful. We’ve noticed that a question many providers want to know is: how do you create certificates that students can earn after having completed a class? Well, we’re here to show you how!

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