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Unlock the potential of your e-learning classes

You may offer the best online education around, but if your courses are hiding in an uninspiring list inside an LMS, students will have difficulty discovering their value. CourseStorm lists online courses in your catalog with ease, highlighting featured classes and marketing them successfully to the right audience. Whether you’ve been offering online education for years or are adjusting to new student needs, CourseStorm is the boost your registration system needs.

  • Integrated Catalog

    Keep all the classes you offer —in-person and online— in one convenient, beautiful, and mobile-friendly catalog.

  • Platform Agnostic

    No matter what courseware, e-learning services, or LMS you use, our tools can be used to register your students for any class you offer.

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Integrated marketing tools maximize your online class enrollments, including promo codes, automated abandoned order reminders and personalized recommendations.

  • Mobile Registration

    Register for a class while walking the dog? Sure! CourseStorm makes it easy to sign up for a class from any smartphone or tablet.

  • Easy Reporting

    Download a complete registration history or financial report in a couple of clicks. Or integrate CourseStorm with your financial software with our API.

  • Customized Registration Forms

    One size does not fit all. From waivers and pricing adjustments to class-specific questions, we have you covered.

One catalog, one cart, one great experience

Whether your classes are in-person or online, you can list them all in one simple, convenient online catalog.

No matter where the class is held online —MindEdge, ed2go, Canvas, Zoom, Google Classroom (or even Facebook!)— we’ve made it easy for your students to find all the classes you offer. 

And, of course, CourseStorm lets students register for all their classes at once, from anywhere, on any device. And we’ll save their contact information, so they save time the next time they register.

Automated marketing tools

We’re huge fans of helping your existing students find more of what you offer!

Effortlessly promote your online classes with CourseStorm’s auto marketing emails. Advertise classes that might interest your students without any additional work. Our intelligent recommendation engine will send personalized recommendations to individual students based on their past registration history with your program. 

Plus, we’ll send reminders when class is about to begin and abandoned cart reminders when a student has forgotten to complete a transaction they started. 

Integrate your education tools

We know how important it is to keep all your systems up to date. Want to track student data using internal software, connect to an LMS, or send transaction information to a separate finance system? No problem.

We designed CourseStorm from the start with integration in mind. Using our robust APIs or Zapier zaps, your IT team can integrate your systems directly with CourseStorm’s cloud-based software. Your classes and student data can always be just where you want them.

Want your class list to appear on your program’s main website? We have an easy-to-use WordPress plugin and customizable catalog widgets if you’d like an easy way to list your classes on your existing site, too.

Much, much more...

There’s more to love than just an online connection…

To learn about our commitment to growing enrollments, keeping data secure, and more, read more about the features that are built into CourseStorm.

“CourseStorm is just so easy to use! We were able to get up and running quickly and start offering classes right away, and with no upfront costs.

The product is easy to use and has grown enrollments. In the end, it is the ease of doing business with our customers that have made the biggest difference. I’d highly recommend CourseStorm to anyone looking for a solution to manage their course registrations.” 

—Kristine Dudley, Director, Workforce Development
Manchester Community College