Enrolling students online? See how CourseStorm fits your program.

Your questions, answered.

I run a small program with only a handful of staff. Is CourseStorm a good fit for us?

Absolutely!  With no up-front costs or subscriptions, our simple “pay-as-you-go” pricing is perfect for small programs who can’t afford the up-front costs of most systems.

We also take pride in making it impossibly simple to manage your online catalog so that your small staff can spend more time helping students and less time with red tape.

How secure is CourseStorm?

We’re very proud of our security measures.  So proud in fact, that we go into detail right on the Features page.

When are deposits made to my account?

We know students sometimes cancel at the last minute, so we wait to deposit funds for a class until the Monday after the class begins. This way, if a student decides to cancel their registration late, they’re issued a refund directly to their credit card without bothering your books.

When we issue a deposit, we’ll automatically notify you and any of your staff by email with the amount of the payout and all the details.

If refunds aren’t a concern and you’d like to receive your money earlier, we have alternate payout timelines available.

Can I import my existing data?

No problem at all!  Our built-in importer will save you tons of time, allowing you to bring in all of your class, instructor, and location information in one fell swoop.  No need to hand-enter all of your info one-by-one.

For larger programs, we also offer integration services allowing CourseStorm to talk directly to your internal systems so importing can be as simple as a click of a button.

Will CourseStorm work with my existing website or management system?

No problem. Our WordPress plugin lets you display your catalog in just a few clicks. Not using WordPress? Our customizable widget lets you show a list of classes with registration buttons right on your site.

We have options for larger programs with student management systems or other advanced needs, too. Using our integration services and APIs, we can import your catalog with a push of a button, sync your student records with the latest from your online registrations, display your classes right in your website, and much more.

We also offer volume discounts for those taking lots of online registrations. To learn more, just contact us.

Am I locked-in to using CourseStorm?

Absolutely not.  We designed from the start so that you can export all of your student, class, instructor, registration, and payout data into an easy-to-read Excel file whenever you like.

Beyond that, we also have many customers with their own outside systems for managing student or class data and happily offer integration services to make your life easier.  We’ve integrated with outside websites, internal systems, you name it.  Just let us know what you’re up against and we’ll present a solution.

Am I charged a service fee for refunded registrations?

If you fully refund a registration before its funds are deposited into your bank account, the refund is issued in full and without service charges of any kind to the program or student.

Does CourseStorm work for kids’ classes?

Definitely!  Not only is it easy to designate classes for children, but the registration process could not be simpler for parents of multiple children to manage their kids’ classes using our friends and family registration feature. We also allow parents to register their kids for more than one class all at once.