Boost Enrollments with Class-Specific Promo Codes

by Justin Russell, Product Manager, CourseStorm

Whether you run seasonal catalogs or hold year-round classes, fall can be an important time of year! And we love doing everything we can to help attract registrations for your program. Here’s a quick tip to fill some extra seats with one of our newest features: class-specific promo codes.

Do you have a class that’s in danger of being cancelled or one with a lot of available seats? Try posting a limited-time promo code for the class to your email list or on your page on Facebook.  Combined with CourseStorm’s automatic low enrollment emails, class-specific promo codes are one more way to reduce the chance you’ll have to cancel.

Advertising a promo code in a Facebook post

Promo codes are a great way to gain exposure and build excitement for your classes. Now you can target those codes for specific classes! In CourseStorm’s administration area, head into the Promo Codes list (under “More” in the Registration group of the administration menu) and click “Add Promo Code”. Simply enter the discount information, check the “Apply only to specific classes” box, and then pick classes for the code. As with all promo codes, you can pick a start and end date and whether you want a percentage or dollar discount.

Example of a class-specific promo code in CourseStorm

We think class-specific promo codes are another way to help students find new and interesting things to learn. If you have any questions about this new feature or anything else, our Support Team is here for you. Reach out to at any time and we’ll be happy to help!