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Easier to organize classes just in time for 2015

Happy Holidays, everyone!

We here at CourseStorm have been busier than ever not only with holiday preparations, but also polishing off a few updates that we think will make it even easier to organize your classes just ahead of the January registration season. Today, that’s all about catalogs!

Catalogs make it easier

We know that many of you run your classes in seasonal chunks — Fall, Spring, or Winter catalogs are common among our customers. Up until now, however, there wasn’t a super easy way to manage your classes this way in CourseStorm. Well, good news — now there is!

Just like you already do offline, you can organize your classes the same way on your website using catalogs. Setting your classes for the coming semester, but aren’t ready to put them on the site just yet? No problem. When you create a catalog, you can specify the start and end dates for it to run, allowing you to start adding classes and get them perfect for presentation ahead of time. Schedule your catalog to display on a certain date and we handle the rest.


Archived catalogs for reference

And this doesn’t just help your current catalogs, but also your old ones. When an old catalog drops off, we keep a copy of it in your admin area. This makes it easy to look up that cooking class from from last year where you had just the right words to describe the taste of cilantro. To jump back, just click on the catalog name from the Classes list to see all your old catalogs and jump between them.

Impossibly Simple

True to our motto of “Impossible simple class registration”, we always like to add that little extra to make your life even easier. Now, when you perform an import, we’ll ask if you’d like to automatically close your current catalog and bring over any of its classes still open for registration.


I’m very excited for this latest round of changes and can’t wait for our next email where we’ll detail some powerful communication features coming for the new year.

Have a great week everyone! Talk to you soon!