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Growing Non-Profit Class Enrollments – How To Get Free Traffic From Google

Brian Rahill

May 12, 2017

Here at CourseStorm, we want our clients to be successful in all aspects of running their organizations. Sure, we try to make it easier by providing a simple course registration system, but another way we can help is by letting our clients know about a fantastic program where you can receive advertising grants for nonprofits from Google. With just a little bit of legwork, nonprofits can receive up to $10,000 per month in FREE advertising on Google.

The program is called Google Ad Grants, and here’s what you need to know about it.

Nonprofits Have To Advertise, Too

While some nonprofits hesitate to use funding for purposes other than their stated mission, advertising is vitally important for an organization’s continued success in attracting donors, increasing donations, and educating the public. In fact, the sector’s digital ad spending increased by 69% in 2016, proving that most nonprofits realize the value in advertising to build awareness of their purpose and their organization as well as to gain financial support.

The great thing about Google Ad Grants is that these advertising grants for nonprofits can help add to and stretch your organization’s digital marketing budget even more.

How To Apply For A Google Ad Grant

The good news — it’s not a major grant application process! With just a few simple steps, you can determine your eligibility, apply, and qualify for the program. 

  1. First, check to ensure your organization is eligible.
  2. If you are eligible, then you should apply for Google for Nonprofits.
  3. Once you get through the approval process (which is generally very quick on Google’s part), you’ll be ready to start advertising for free through Google’s AdWords program.

Using Your Ad Grant Money To Promote Classes & Grow Enrollment

So let’s assume you apply for and are approved for a Google Ad Grant. How can you use that $10,000 per month?

First, you can advertise your classes to increase awareness of your programs and grow enrollment. Once you are up and running on AdWords through the Google Ad Grant program, you’ll need to set up, maintain, monitor, and update your campaigns. Keep your ads fresh, and be sure to change your ads as your classes change.

Before launching your ad campaigns, take a look at your website to make sure potential students can quickly and easily find the information they need. When you are promoting your classes in Adwords, be sure to link directly to the page in your course catalog where students can easily register and pay online through CourseStorm.

What Else Can You Spend Your Advertising Money On?

Promoting your classes is just one way to spend your advertising dollars; there are many other ways to leverage the grant money to:

    • Grow general awareness of your organization and its mission.
    • Seek out new donors.
    • Generate leads by getting people to sign up for newsletters or other information.
    • Post job openings.
    • Promote products or services where 100% of the proceeds support your mission.
    • Register volunteers. (A great idea is to run campaigns to target students who need volunteer hours in your area – they are searching Google for organizations like yours that need help!)

We hope this information about advertising grants for nonprofits helps you with growing your class signups and spreading awareness about your organization’s mission! Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get more free tips on how to continue growing your organization. For even more information about the Google Ad Grant grant program, check out this blog from HubSpot.

CourseStorm Makes Online Registration Impossibly Simple

One way you can make things easier for your website visitors and supporters is by using CourseStorm’s online class registration software. Your organization will enjoy the ease-of-use and ability to keep all class and student information in one simple dashboard, and students will appreciate the impossibly simple 3-click registration and payment process.

Start your free 30 day trial today, or get in touch with us at to learn more.

Brian Rahill

Brian is a scientist-turned-education technology executive. He has founded and led technology companies for more than 20 years and uses his analytical mind and experimental approach to spur growth in small and medium businesses and start-ups. He is passionate about using technology to enhance access to lifelong learning.

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