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Greenlight Maine

Here at CourseStorm, we’re very big on spending as much time as possible on helping our customers, whether that be with individual phone and email support, creating new features to make things even easier, or dreaming up our next big concept.  Sometimes we spend so much time in-deep giving each of our customers a great experience that we don’t spend enough time telling everyone what an excellent company we have and what great stuff we’re working on.

Well, thanks to the wonderful startup and entrepreneurship community in Maine, we’ve been given the chance to tell our story.  The fine folks at Blackstone Accelerates Growth and MCED are working with a group of other great people to create the Greenlight Maine television show dubbed the “kindler, gentler version of Shark Tank”, referring to the popular nationwide show on ABC.

The folks at Greenlight Maine have selected 26 startup businesses in Maine to pitch their company to a statewide audience for the chance to win $100,000.  We’re very grateful to have been chosen among some really great companies in the state.

If you’re in Maine, look for the show to air sometime this Fall where co-founder Matt James will pitch what we see as a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of people’s lives just a little bit easier.

We’re very proud to be a part of the fast-growing startup and entrepreneurial community in Maine.  It’s truly a great place to do business.  Thanks to everyone involved!