Need Better Marketing Content? Ask Your Instructors!

by CourseStorm

Here are 4 ways to get contributions from this valuable resource.

Creating marketing content can feel like a never-ending task, especially if you have a small team. Marketing your classes with fresh and relevant content takes all of your resources. Yet there’s one valuable resource you might be overlooking—your instructors. They might not be marketing professionals, but they do have insight and knowledge that can help improve your marketing content.

We’ve talked before about how instructors can help attract students by sending emails, making announcements, sharing on social media, and leveraging community connections. Instructors can also offer a unique perspective to help you create marketing content that feels personal and relevant. Here are four ways instructors can help make marketing content that boosts enrollment.

1. Write (or ghostwrite) blog posts

Blogs improve your SEO, which makes your website and classes more likely to be discovered by students. Instructors can contribute blog posts about: 

  • The classes they teach. They can offer first-hand information about how the course works, what it covers, and how students can succeed.
  • Their subject of expertise. Showcasing how much an instructor knows about the subject matter can help students feel confident that the class will be useful.
  • The instructor. Getting to know the instructor before class starts can help students connect with the course.

Some instructors may not feel comfortable writing posts themselves. That’s okay. Record an interview with them and ask all the relevant questions. (You might even be able to reuse the video for the next tip.) Then, have someone comfortable with blogging using the interview to write a post. This could be someone within your organization, an intern, or a hired freelancer. 

2. Feature them in video and audio recordings

Video and audio recordings can capture the attention of potential students. Your instructors can lend their faces and voices to make these recordings feel more personal. Here are a few ways you can feature instructors in video and audio recordings: 

  • Cut down your instructor interviews into soundbites and share them on your social media, in email, or on your website.
  • Run live streams or webinars that allow prospective students to interact directly with instructors. Then reuse clips from these just like instructor interviews.
  • Share video clips of the instructor teaching this class to a previous cohort. Just make sure to get permission from any student who might be featured in these clips.
  • Ask instructors for videos of them working in their specialty. For example, a Master Gardener might share videos of their garden. A welding instructor could share footage of the project they’re working on. It’s another way to show off your instructor’s expertise.

Videos should be between 15 and 120 seconds long. Audio recordings can be a little longer since people tend to listen while doing other things. Make sure each recording includes a call to action inviting students to enroll in the class. 

3. Use instructor-generated images

Instructors can also help you create images for social media, newsletters, your course catalog, and your website. In addition to headshots, you can ask them for: 

  • Photos of their classes in action
  • Screenshots of virtual classes
  • Snapshots of them working in their field of study
  • Diagrams, charts, or pictures of their work.

Of course, you could use stock photos, but images of your instructor, their students, and their classes are often most effective.

4. Connect instructors with the press

You might already send out press releases to local media stations and online news outlets. Instead of giving those interviews yourself, invite instructors to speak to the press on your behalf. Putting a face to the name can help students feel more comfortable enrolling. Just make sure to give them the following talking points: 

  • A one-line description of the class
  • Who this class is for
  • Where and how students can sign up
  • A short description of who they are and why they’re qualified to teach this class.

Since instructors might not be experienced in talking with the press, you might want to coach them before they go on air. Practice their answers to common interview questions and remind them that they’re always on the record.

How to ask instructors for help with content

If you want instructors to help you create marketing content, ask! Most instructors won’t think to do these things on their own. Yet, with guidance from you, they can contribute valuable marketing content. Improve the likelihood that they’ll give you what you need by being specific.

For example, “Do you have any photos we could use for marketing?” Probably isn’t specific enough. 

Try asking, “Do you have any photos of students doing hands-on work in your Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance course? We would like to use them in the course catalog.” 

Make sure to also give them a deadline. Instructors are busy people. Your request might fall off of their to-do list without a deadline to anchor it in place. And of course, don’t forget to give them credit for the content and say thank you. A little appreciation goes a long way.

Instructors can help create marketing materials

Whether you’re planning social media posts, designing a new course brochure, or writing blog posts, instructors can help you create better marketing materials. All you have to do is ask. 


If you’re looking for better ways to market your courses, CourseStorm can help with built-in marketing and student communication tools. We’d love to talk with you!