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New exporting features make reports even easier

I hope you’re having a great start to your semester!  As the leaves change, we at CourseStorm are also always on the move.  Today, I’m excited to tell you about some new features that just became available this week.  This update is all about exports and reporting!

We’ve heard from quite a few programs that they’d love to see more ways to export just the data they want.  Previously, we had depended a lot on our site export feature for much of this data.  Today, however, we’re announcing lots of new ways to get right to the data you’re looking for.

Roster Export

While many programs enjoy the ability to see your roster at a glance from the administration area, we know quite a few of you want to get a bit deeper.  Today, we’ve made exporting your class roster just a click of a button.



Payout Export

We’ve also made it even easier to get at some deeper details on the registrations associated with a given payout.  So now, from the Payout screen, just click “Export Excel” and you’re in business.


Payouts List

Many programs have also requested the ability to see a list of all payouts both in the past and coming up.  So, we’ve done just that by adding a new Payouts list to the admin area — helping you to better plan for and reconcile your weekly payouts.

Much More

This update also includes lots of other export features like extending the registration exports to include all student / customer info rather than requiring a click to a separate worksheet. We’ve also added the ability to export just the data you’re looking for with an improved site export.

And there’s even more to come. We’re always hard at work to make CourseStorm even better.

Thanks for all of your feedback. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!