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Our New Support Site

It has been a very busy week here at CourseStorm and we have just now put the finishing touches on a long-needed resource: an official Support Site!

CourseStorm Support Site

Up to this point, if you needed any sort of information about CourseStorm, you would have to contact us directly. But what if you just needed a refresher on how to use a particular feature? Or had a quick question about something that you’re sure other folks have asked about?

Now you have a brand new resource that is available 24/7/365:


The General Help section has some basic introductory information and helpful hints.

The CourseStorm Manual is just that – step-by-step instructions for how to perform all of the basic tasks in and use the standard features of CourseStorm.

We know that you sometimes have specific questions about specific situations and we’ve tried to cover these in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Lastly, Contact Us contains all of our contact information, should you need additional help.


We hope that this support site will make using CourseStorm even easier and more efficient. There is a LOT of information, so browse around and check it out! We always welcome your feedback, but as this site is meant to help you, we would love to hear if you notice something missing or have suggestions.

In the meantime, we continue to work on improvements and upgrades to make CourseStorm the best we possibly can. You’ll hear from us again soon!