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Increase Enrollments for Pricier Classes Automatically

Brian Rahill

August 5, 2016

The fall registration season has already begun, but we still have the air conditioning going here at CourseStorm HQ.  Time flies!

As you might expect, we’ve got some news to share, so we wanted to put out a blogpost to keep you all up-to-date.

Payment Plans

If you’re looking to increase enrollments for some of your more expensive classes, you’re going to love this new update!  Just like you, we want to make it super easy for your students and parents to register  for any class they like.  With more expensive classes, though, this can be a bit difficult as the heavy price tag can sometimes be demotivating to the registrant.

The obvious solution to the problem is to let people pay for classes in installments.  But, this is much harder than you might first assume.  First, there’s a lot to keep track of.  “Who still owes me money?  How much?  When is their next payment due?  Time to follow up with a phone call to get that check!”

So when we decided to solve this problem in CourseStorm, we wanted to put the bulk of the work on the computer and free up more of your time for more important things.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

How does it work?

You can turn on a payment plan for a class with a click.  From there, the system will ask you for two pieces of info: the deposit required to hold a seat and the date by which all payments are due.  And then you’re done!


With that, your visitors will automatically see a payment plan option for their registrations.  Better yet — the system will do the right thing by offering each customer the best plan for them, depending on when they register.  For early bird registrants, this means having more time to pay for the class in lower installments, but for those registering just a couple of weeks in advance, they’ll still have the option to break up the cost of the class.Screen_Shot_2016-08-03_at_10.55.40_PM

 Set it and forget it.

But here’s the best part: we handle all the payments for you by auto-charging the student’s credit or debit card at the appropriate intervals.  No more messing with checks!  We also make it simple to see who’s paid up and who has more to pay.

So while payment plans can be a complicated, there’s no reason why they have to complicate your life.

Learn more about payment plans>

We love hearing from all of you so, as always, if you have any feedback, just shoot us an email at  Thanks, everyone!

Brian Rahill

Brian is a scientist-turned-education technology executive. He has founded and led technology companies for more than 20 years and uses his analytical mind and experimental approach to spur growth in small and medium businesses and start-ups. He is passionate about using technology to enhance access to lifelong learning.

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