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5 Regpack Alternatives to Help You Manage Class Registration

Greg Shula

March 7, 2024

What makes Regpack users look for an alternative solution? Often it’s because they’re tired of using a tool that isn’t designed specifically for education programs, students, and instructors. They struggle with:

  • Poor-fit features that don’t quite meet their needs and require extra labor.
  • Time wasted doing marketing tasks that should be automated.
  • Lost data because their registration system doesn’t integrate with other services they use.

To save time and frustration, education directors should look for software designed specifically for class registration. A solution is the right fit if it has the specific features instructors, students, and education programs need. This includes things like student rosters, automated marketing tools, and easy integration with the software you already use.

We’ll help you fit your best-fit class registration solution by investigating 5 Regpack alternatives.

5 Regpack Alternatives Worth Exploring

We’ll walk you through all of these options, but if you’d rather try a Regpack alternative for yourself, start your free trial of CourseStorm today.


CourseStorm is a class registration software designed specifically for education programs. We’ve built in all the features nonprofit arts and culture and community education programs need to deliver a seamless class registration and payment process to their learners.

Benefit #1 – Tools Learners and Instructors Need to Succeed

Class registration is special. You have to meet the expectations of both learners and instructors while also getting the information your organization needs. Regpack tries to manage registrations for group travel, conferences, and classes all through the same software. As a result, it’s lacking some essential tools.

CourseStorm’s class registration software includes student accounts, where your learners (or their parents) can easily manage their registration and payment information. Instructors also get special treatment. They can easily see who is registered and communicate with all the students in their class through integrated email tools.

Imagine an instructor for an ongoing life drawing class wants to remind students to bring a photo of a pet to their next class. With CourseStorm, they can easily draft and send an email that goes out to all of the students signed up for that class.

Benefit #2 – Automated Class Marketing Connects Learners With Their New Favorite Class

Successful education programs don’t just sell individual classes, they build ongoing relationships with students. Regpack gives you transactional emails, but that’s not enough to maintain a long-term relationship.

CourseStorm’s automated personalized class marketing emails keep students engaged by automatically notifying them of classes they might like. It also lets them know if a class is in danger of cancellation due to low enrollment and can send automatic SMS reminders about upcoming classes.

A student who enrolled in last month’s Intro to Beadwork class might also be interested in your upcoming Beaded Earrings course. CourseStorm will automatically email them to let them know about that and any other classes they might find interesting without you having to lift a finger.

Arts programs that use CourseStorm’s automated emails to send students personalized class recommendations attribute 14% of enrollments to this feature alone.

Benefit #3 – Easy Integration With Other Tools You Use Everyday

Much as we’d love to have one software solution to rule them all, the truth is that most education programs need multiple tools to keep things running. You need to be able to transfer data between various tools, something Regpack does not do easily.

CourseStorm integrates with many of the software solutions you already use and depend on. Get WordPress plugins, use our calendar feed, or access thousands of app integrations through Zapier. Because we’re designed with nonprofit programs in mind, we also integrate with PatronManager and Little Green Light. All of these integrations help your data flow smoothly between software tools, so it’s always exactly where you need it.

Integrations that work with CourseStorm's software.

How do integrations help you? Here are a few examples: If you’re running the education program for a theater company, you might use PatronManager for ticketing and fundraising, Google Calendar to schedule classes and events, and Wordpress to run your website. CourseStorm integrates with all of these and thousands of other apps so you never have to waste time manually reentering data.

Explore a Regpack alternative that offers all of this and more. Start your free trial of CourseStorm today and experience the difference for yourself.


Sawyer is a kid-focused solution designed for camps, classes, and events. They offer an embed option so you can include class listings on your website, but their core offering is a class listing on the Sawyer site.

This pits your classes head-to-head against others in your area. Parents can easily see and compare classes from multiple education programs. If you opt for their basic plan, you’ll pay a marketplace fee of 30% per registration.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Class marketplace on their website
  • Group registration and family profiles
  • Basic reporting

Modern Campus

Modern Campus offers an enterprise-level solution with a price tag to match. Their focus is firmly on higher education. This makes it a great solution for colleges and universities offering non-degree programs, but a bit costly for the rest of us.

Designed for “non-traditional student management,” this platform helps you manage student schedules, marketing, reporting, finance, curriculum and credentialing. It’s ideal for campus-based education programs and the students that enroll in them.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Campus maps and virtual tours
  • Non-traditional student management
  • Digital credentials to share with employers


Jackrabbit focuses on schools or youth activity centers that offer gymnastics, dance, swim, cheer, or music programs. Their features are tailored for these types of programs and students.

A front desk point-of-sale system helps with merch selling. Skills-tracking features allow instructors to share student progress with parents, and the built-in timeclock helps administrators track instructor work hours.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Built-in costume and recital management
  • Staff time clock
  • Skills tracking through parent portal


RegFox is well-suited to event registration, but may be a less attractive option for class registration. Their event page builder is ideal if you’re doing a few high-volume events a year. You can spend the time you need to build out an inviting event page.

On-site check-in tools, support for merchandise and product upselling, and email-drip campaigns are all valuable for yearly events that draw big audiences. This software might be an ideal alternative to Eventbrite or Cvent, but doesn’t have everything students and instructors need.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Attendee management
  • Real-time event analytics
  • Up-selling and merchandise add-ons

The Regpack Alternative You’ve Been Searching For

By now, we hope you’ve found the Regpack alternative you’ve been looking for. If you’re still on the fence, maybe some experiential learning can help you decide. Start your free trial of CourseStorm today.

Greg Shula

Greg has spent a decade analyzing business and marketing performance metrics of the companies he has worked with. He uses his analytical mind and investigative skills to find trends and simple answers from complicated data sets. Greg is also an amateur photographer who loves to capture nature from new perspectives.

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