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Student Accounts Update

by Matt James, Head of Product, CourseStorm

As the old saying goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” That’s exactly how we feel at CourseStorm. So, another week – another update! Hot off the presses of our last release, we’ve made another great addition to CourseStorm. And this time, the feature is for your students!

Student Log In

This is an update we’ve been chomping to get to for a while now. When we first started CourseStorm, the student account section was fairly simple. Just a place where you could update a couple of things like your name, email address or password. And while simple is great, we weren’t giving full control over student accounts to those students. For instance, students could save their credit card info during checkout, but to remove it required a call to our staff.

Well, not anymore. We’re putting the power right into the hands of your students through a redesigned student log in area.


Getting Started

The best part is that it’s simple for students to get started. All they have to do is log in the same way they always have by clicking the “Log In” link at the top of the screen. And, just like before, they’ll see their name show up where they can click to update their account. But here’s where things are different.


Family & Friends

One of the most important features is that students now have control to manage anyone under their account. So, in my case, I have my main account, but I also have accounts for each of my children.


Now, updating their info is just a click away.


Registration History

Not only that, but when I dive into a given person’s account, I can also see their entire registration history at a glance including upcoming and cancelled registrations.


Payment Info

Finally, as I alluded to at the beginning of the message – we’ve also added the ability for students to remove their card from CourseStorm without having to contact your staff, saving you time and giving your students peace of mind knowing that they’re in controlcredit-card



We’re very excited to make this new account area available to all students and, as always, can’t wait to show you the great new things we have coming. Until then, feel free and email us any feedback you might have to

Thanks everyone!