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CourseStorm Wrapped: Top Posts of 2023

Abigail Green

December 22, 2023

You’ve heard of Spotify Wrapped, where listeners get a recap of their favorite music of the past year? Well, consider this CourseStorm Wrapped — a look at our top 5 most-read blog posts of the year. 

Arts nonprofits and other organizations turn to us for help in growing and managing their education programs. These were our top 5 blog posts of the year.

We serve organizations offering visual and performing arts classes, summer camps and afterschool enrichment programs, workforce training and community education. Many of our customers are arts nonprofits. They look to CourseStorm for assistance in growing and managing their programs. Our top posts give insights into some of the challenges and opportunities for these organizations, and how we can help. 

How to Cancel a Class Without Upsetting Students

This blog post is consistently at the top of the list. Why? Sometimes you have to cancel a class. Maybe the instructor is sick or the weather isn’t cooperating. Sometimes enrollment for the class is low and you can’t justify the time and cost of running it. Whatever the reason, you want to cancel the class without upsetting students who have already enrolled and causing them to seek out classes elsewhere. 

We help you minimize the impact of class cancellations with tips and even an email template. 

It’s important to know that sometimes the cause of a class cancellation is a poor-fit registration system. If you’re taking registrations manually, people could be slipping through the cracks. Or the problem may be a repetitive and time-consuming registration process for parents signing up multiple kids, or not offering payment plans for high-cost classes. CourseStorm automates and streamlines all of these things, eliminating many unnecessary reasons to cancel a class. 

How to Write a Course Description: Examples & Templates

We get it. Not everyone is a writer. And describing a course in an enticing way in just a few sentences is harder than it seems. So it’s not surprising that this “how to” article is so popular. We give you a list of best practices and examples of course descriptions that convert searchers into signups. Plus we share a course description template you can use to punch up your own course offerings. 

CourseStorm has facilitated over 1 million connections to education for our customers, so we know what gets students to click “Register now!” Subscribe to our blog so you can get helpful tips and templates like this delivered right to your inbox. 

5 Email Templates to Help You Engage Students

Similar to writing course descriptions, crafting an email that gets people to take action is harder than it seems. So it’s no surprise that many of the visitors to our blog are looking for this info. Whether you’re sending a class recommendation to an existing student, a reminder to a new registrant, or another type of email, these templates will help you do it faster and easier.

Sending the right email at the right time can encourage students to act, strengthen the relationship, and help you gather valuable feedback. Want to have these emails and more at your fingertips for when you need them? Download our email templates package and start saving time while connecting with students. 

A popular feature of CourseStorm is the ability to send automated marketing emails that generate additional revenue for your education program without any extra work.

6 Benefits of Enrichment Classes for All Ages

In addition to our “how to” articles, readers liked this post about the positive benefits of non-credit educational offerings for both kids and adults. We know that people who prioritize lifelong learning seek out enrichment classes for personal growth, to build new skills, or connect with others in their community. 

Of course, knowing the benefits of enrichment classes is one thing. Spreading the word about them is another. Help learners and community members see the value of your program by sharing these benefits in your marketing and course promotion. Not only could it help you sell more classes, it can also show your commitment to the community. 

12 Arts and Culture Magazines Worth Recommending to Students

Rounding out our top 5 most popular posts of 2023 was this one, featuring a dozen picks for print and digital publications dedicated to arts and culture. With their beautiful photography and curated content, these magazines provide a tangible way to explore cultural trends and learn about art. 

Teaching artists can use them as the starting point for a lesson plan or discussion or simply read them for pleasure to discover up-and-coming artists, learn about exhibitions and events, and explore new perspectives.

Coming Soon: A New Report for Arts Organizations

The past several years have greatly impacted the arts and culture world. Anyone offering classes in the arts was forced to rethink their strategy. Many of those who succeeded were CourseStorm customers. In the New Year, we will be publishing an exclusive report to help arts education programs make data-informed decisions about how to save time, when to schedule classes, and how to grow their revenue.

Subscribe to our blog to be the first to find out when our new report is available in 2024!

Abigail Green

Abby has overseen content development for higher education degree programs related to education, technology, business, and healthcare. One of her first jobs after college was working with children’s programs for the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an experienced and versatile writer and editor whose work has been published by Johns Hopkins, the University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune.

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