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Waiting Lists now Available

Another week, another update! I’m pleased to report that last week we finished up work on a much-requested feature: Waiting Lists!

Waiting Lists now Available

We know that you have really great classes and that really great classes fill up. When a great class fills up, it’s often important to know how much more demand there is waiting out there. If you knew people were clamoring to get in, you might make some extra seats available. Or what if someone drops out? It’d be great to bring someone else in. Now you can handle all of this with our new built-in waiting list feature.

As soon as a class fills up, we’ll automatically flip on the “Add to Wait List” button. Your students can request a spot in the class for themselves (and a few friends, if they like). Once they’ve requested their seats, you both get an email letting you know they’ve been added to the list.


Each name gets added to the list on a first-come, first-served basis and they all appear together in a new Waiting List section right next to your course Roster.


If you decide to let someone in, it’s as easy as clicking “New Registration” from the admin area. You enter their email and register them for the class. And as soon as the registration goes through, CourseStorm automatically pulls them off the waiting list. No fuss, no muss.

And for the data-lovers, we’re including an Excel export of these lists as well.

Waiting lists are automatically enabled for all of our customers free of charge. We think you’re going to love it.

As usual, we won’t be resting. Instead, it’s back to work on the next big thing. Stay tuned.