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A simple class registration system that grows your health program.

If you’ve used other registration options in the past, you’re in for a treat.  We designed CourseStorm from the start to be simple — just what your students are looking for.  No matter what type of class or group you run, we make it easy for everyone to register online.

This simplicity contributes to less cancelled classes and greater engagement from your students, helping you fulfill your mission of making the world that much healthier!

Even the price is simple

With CourseStorm, there are no setup costs, no contracts, and no invoices. Our simple, transaction-based pricing is not only dramatically more affordable than most other platforms, but also makes it incredibly easy to set up. Just tell us where to put the money and you’re off and running!

Offer only or mostly free classes? No problem! You’ll love our low, flexible annual pricing plans created exclusively for you. Contact us for more information.

Keep everything in sync

We know we’re not the only software you use. Chances are that you have an existing website. Perhaps you even have an internal system in place for tracking student data or for more robust accounting. No problem. We designed CourseStorm from the start with integration in mind. Using our WordPress plugin, widgets, or robust APIs, your IT team can integrate your internal systems directly with CourseStorm, making sure that your classes appear where you want them and your student data stays in sync.

Much, much more...

There’s even more to love about CourseStorm.  To learn more about waiting lists, unlisted classes, reporting features, and more, check out our other features.