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Simple registration software to sign up the whole family.

If you offer a mix of activities for kids and adults alike, you’ll love using CourseStorm.  Using Friends & Family registration, a parent can set up one account for the whole family, making it impossibly simple to sign everyone up for activities in a single visit.

Your program, pocket-sized

You and your community are constantly on-the-go.  That’s why we’ve built mobile registration right into CourseStorm, delivering a modern, first-rate mobile experience no matter what smartphone or tablet you use.  So if one of your parents is waiting in line at the grocery store when they remember to sign their child up for tee-ball, registering is just a few taps away.

Cost-effective no matter what your size

Our sliding scale pricing means your program can qualify for a discount based on the volume of registrations your program receives.  Give us a call at (207) 866-0328 and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing options with you.

Styled uniquely to you

If you already have an existing website and are interested in maintaining your program’s look and feel throughout, look no further!  We’ve worked with lots of programs to theme their CourseStorm catalog to look just like their websites.  And this theming isn’t just a superficial logo and color change: we can make customizations so that your catalog is unique to you.

Plays well with others

We know we’re not the only software you use.  No doubt you have a website already and would like your classes to appear right there.  Or maybe you have an internal system for tracking accounting or membership.  No problem!

We designed CourseStorm from the start with integration in mind.  Using our APIs, your IT staff can integrate directly with your website or internal system, making sure that your classes are where you want them and your member information stays in sync.

To learn more about how we can help with your specific needs, email integrations@coursestorm.com and speak with our expert staff.

Much, much more...

There’s even more to love about CourseStorm.  To learn more about waiting lists, promo codes, reporting features, and more, check out our other features.