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The Latest CourseStorm Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

Greg Shula

January 3, 2023

As we move into the new year, we’re very excited to look ahead and get a jump on the new projects we have lined up. But at this time it’s also important to look back and reflect on the things we’ve learned leading up to this point. At CourseStorm, we’re all about growth and we think the content we publish will help any program grow in a successful way. 

That’s why we’ve gathered the latest CourseStorm articles you don’t want to miss from 2022. We think these topics are important to review as you move forward into the new year. We hope these refine your strategy for success, or if they’re new subjects for you, we hope you learn important aspects to consider when running your program. Enjoy!

The State of Informal Learning Report 2022

Informal learning rarely gets access to the kinds of industry-wide data that other sectors of education use to guide decision making. We don’t think that’s fair. After all, providers of informal learning are helping people grow and creating opportunities for students of all ages. Why shouldn’t you get the same access to information as higher ed and K-12 programs? 

To help close this information gap, we at CourseStorm have compiled some of what we’ve learned from facilitating over 1 million class registrations to unearth patterns and strategies that you can apply to your programs. We’re calling it the State of Informal Learning Report 2022, or SOIL Report for short.

In the report, we cover a wide range of topics that are helpful for running your informal education program. Some topics we dove into ever further. These include:

In short, if you’re educating learners outside the traditional school system, this information is for you. The best part is, it’s absolutely free.

5 Email Templates To Help You Engage Students

Email helps you market your classes and share essential information. You may already be sending marketing emails to students and potential students, but are you taking full advantage of what different types of email can do for your program? 

Emails about upcoming classes are just the beginning. You can also let students know when a class is in danger of being canceled or set expectations and help them get oriented. You can reconnect with students who haven’t registered for anything new in a while, or get feedback from students who have. 

We’ll walk you through the five types of emails you should be sending and offer some templates to help get you started. If you send all five, you may just find that students stay more engaged. That leads to higher satisfaction and more enrollments. 

Our Most Popular Software Integrations and How to Use Them

A smart and capable person can achieve a lot on their own, but they can do even more if they’re well connected. We think it’s the same with software. Connecting CourseStorm software with the other tools and solutions you use regularly, means you can do more with less effort. Software integrations, as we previously explored, lift the burden of data entry so your team can focus on supporting students, patrons, and instructors.

In this article, we’re introducing you to our top five most popular software integrations. These are the top five ways that our clients connect CourseStorm software with other digital and online tools. We’ll show you how they can save you time and money and give you some examples for why you might want to try them.

How Much Does Registration Software Cost? Price vs. Value

If you’re in the market for online registration software, price is probably a primary concern. For non-profit organizations, the cost can be even more of a concern. Of course, price isn’t the only factor to consider.

Simply comparing pricing doesn’t take into account things like the time you save from having all the right features integrated. Sticker prices don’t show you how much your registrations will increase because of how easy this software is to use. You can’t measure time saved on a price comparison sheet.

If you’re suddenly wondering whether your registration software was such a good deal, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the questions you should ask to understand how much your registration software is really worth.

Smart Strategies to Keep Classes Affordable for Students

Prices may be rising everywhere, but your mission hasn’t changed. You still want to provide personal enrichment and quality education opportunities to people in your community and beyond. That means you need to offer affordable classes while supporting the financial stability and long-term success of your program.

Achieving that balance might not be as difficult as you think. To start, expand your thinking beyond the list price of the course. We’ll share some tools and strategies you can use to keep classes affordable for the greatest number of students even if you do need to raise prices.


Greg Shula

Greg has spent a decade analyzing business and marketing performance metrics of the companies he has worked with. He uses his analytical mind and investigative skills to find trends and simple answers from complicated data sets. Greg is also an amateur photographer who loves to capture nature from new perspectives.

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