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The Best Summer Camp Registration Software for Online Sign-Ups

Greg Shula

March 27, 2024

When summer camp registration season hits, you have to be ready. The torrent of forms, payments, and questions can leave your team floundering.

Camp directors start looking for summer camp registration software when they get tired of:

  • Complex registration systems that confuse parents and frustrate staff members.
  • Wasting time chasing down payments or missing forms.
  • Manually managing changes to registrations, cancellations, and payment plans.
  • Paying monthly subscription fees for a program they only use a few months of the year.

With the right summer camp registration software, you can ride the registration wave. Parents can register online with a self-service tool that liberates staff from the administrative burden. Say goodbye to frustrated parents, frantic last-minute calls, and lines wrapping around the block.

Finding the Best Summer Camp Registration Software

Here’s a look at 5 summer camp online registration software options so you can find the best summer camp registration software for your campers, parents, and staff.

Registration Options Compared:

If you need a camp registration software that can simplify the process and make changes easier, start your free trial of CourseStorm now.


CourseStorm is an impossibly simple class and camp registration software that’s flexible enough to meet unique program needs. Whether your camp is a supplement to the classes you run all year round, or a seasonal event that happens once a year, we have the tools you need to register campers while keeping parents and staff happy.

Key Feature 1 – Registration and Payment Software in One Simple Package

Paper forms, call-to-register, and parent walk-ins just don’t meet your needs anymore. If you’ve ever had to hire temporary staff or deal with phones ringing off the hook, it’s time for a better solution. Maybe you’ve tried using Google Forms and a third-party payment service, resulting in missed payments and mismatched records. Your staff and parents deserve better.

With CourseStorm, you get a seamless all-in-one registration and payment solution. Parents can click a button to register and pay without ever leaving your course catalog. If they want to register multiple children, they can do that all in the same transaction.

Payment plans are also built in. Parents can opt in to have funds automatically deducted from their account on pre-set dates. Suddenly, camp is more accessible and your staff is free to focus on campers rather than credit cards.

Picture this: the registration window opens for your summer arts camp. Within minutes, your program is completely sold out and you have a waiting list. That might sound like a fantasy, but it’s a real experience from a CourseStorm customer. Within days, those payments are in their account and ready to be invested back into the camp.

Key Feature 2 – Collect the Exact Information You Need Without Frustrating Customers With Unnecessary Requests

Parents have enough on their plate without filling out unnecessary information on a one-size-fits all form. Make that the norm, and you’ll end up with frustrated parents and duplicate information to sort through.

CourseStorm offers fully customizable registration forms that let you collect exactly the information you need and nothing more. Add links to your privacy policy and get parental consent with the click of a check-box. All of the information is securely stored in the user profile so they can easily update, change, or manage their registrations.

If you’re offering both day camp and overnight camp, you’ll need additional information from your overnight campers. You might want to share a unique supply list or get consent for special programs and events. With CourseStorm you can easily build custom forms for each audience including all of the sign-offs and information sharing you need — and nothing you don’t!

Key Feature 3 – Effortlessly Manage Changes and Additions Online

Some camp registration software makes you dig through complex menus or even call customer service to change a reservation or issue a refund. At CourseStorm we believe your program and registrants should have full control over the process. You can manage registration changes, refunds, or even move campers between programs with just a few clicks.

According to our 2024 State of the Arts Report about 15% of kids’ arts camps and classes have waiting lists. If you’re one of them, parents on the waitlist will be automatically notified when a spot becomes available for their child. Take back control of your registrations with CourseStorm.

Just imagine it’s two days before the start of your Shakespeare in the park summer acting camp, when the weather stations start warning of a hurricane coming your way. You’re going to have to contact the families of 40 kids to let them know that camp is canceled. It’s not ideal, but you don’t have to panic because you have CourseStorm.

With just a few clicks you can email everyone and offer a refund or transfer to another session. Everyone knows exactly what’s going on, and you can focus on preparing for the storm instead of fielding phone calls.

Key Feature 4 – Affordable Software That Flexes to Fit Your Budget

Summer camp season is short, but some software providers make you pay for your summer camp online registration software all year long. That doesn’t make sense to us. At CourseStorm, you only pay for the students you actually enroll. There are no contracts and no monthly fees. Just simple, transparent pricing that flexes with your registration levels.

Maybe your museum-based arts education program only offers classes a few times a year. Summer camp is your biggest draw, but you also offer some sessions during spring break and in the lead-up to the holidays. CourseStorm will get a percentage of the registration fees you collect, but in the off months, you won’t owe us anything.

If you’re ready to try the best summer camp registration software for arts and community education programs, you’re ready to try CourseStorm. Sign up for your free trial today.

Screenshot of CourseStorm's pricing plans as of March 2024: Core, Pro & All Access


Sawyer is built for kids camps and classes, which they list directly in the “marketplace” on their website. Registrations through those listings incur a 30% marketplace fee, which gets smaller as you upgrade your plan. You’ll also pay a monthly flat fee in addition to that marketplace charge.

That price tag comes with some useful features. You can take registrations directly on your site, offer discounts, and integrate with Constant Contact or Mailchimp for marketing.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Marketplace listings
  • Family profiles and group registration
  • Standard add-ons like early drop-off and late pickup
  • Weekly secure payouts


RegFox is event registration software that also offers some functionality for camps. You can set up merchandise and product sale add-ons, which is great if you have tee shirts or other camp swag to sell. Other tools, like badge printing, are more useful for adult events.

They do offer capability for onsite payments, design customization tools, and plenty of 3rd party integrations. Services like email marketing automation and text messaging come with an extra monthly fee attached.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Check-in App
  • Social media plug-ins
  • Collect donations from your registration page
  • Lots of page design options


Another kid-focused registration software, JackRabbit is designed for gymnastics, dance, swim, cheer, and music programs. This is a great solution for youth activity centers that already use it for their year-round classes.

They offer a parent portal that lets parents track their child’s skill development and access account details. Parents can even watch classes with live streaming.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Student skill tracking
  • Staff time clock
  • Uniform and performance management
  • Integrated point of sale system


Originally designed for billing automation, Regpack has some useful tools for managing payments. They’re a great fit for subscription-based programs, but may be unwieldy for seasonal camps or day camps.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Customizable registration forms
  • Payment plans
  • Campers can reserve spots without paying
  • Group registration

When’s the Best Time to Choose Summer Camp Registration Software?

Our SOAR report revealed that students register an average of 71 days before summer arts camps or classes, so you can’t put this off.  It’s time to pick the best summer camp registration software for your program. If you need a little more help deciding, start your free trial of CourseStorm today and test drive our camp registration software for yourself.

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