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  1. 4 Easy Ways to Integrate Your Website With CourseStorm

    You worked hard to create a website your organization can be proud of. It displays your brand colors, shows off your logo, and strikes just the right tone with your audience. The good news is all of that can remain in place when you become a CourseStorm customer, thanks to website integrations that allow you to seamlessly move students from your site to your CourseStorm-hosted class catalog. 

    Website integrations let you give up the burden of dealing with course registrations and financial transactions, but keep the benefits of a branded site that students instantly recognize as yours. They make course registration seamless for students and simple for you. Before we share the five easy ways to integrate your website with CourseStorm, let’s talk about how integrations can simplify the registration process.Read more

  2. Simplify Your Work Life With Easy Software Integrations

    Have you ever stopped to think about how software integration makes your life easier? For example, you can donate to a cause and seconds later invite your social media followers to do the same—without even leaving the thank-you screen.

    You can’t see it, but there’s an integration at work there, connecting the donation website to a social media platform. If you’ve never really stopped to think about how these processes work, that probably means they’re working well. The whole point of a software integration is to create automated workflows that you don’t have to think about.  

    Before you can put these useful automation tools to work for you, you’ll need to understand something about what they are and how they can help. 

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  3. Our Most Popular Software Integrations and How to Use Them

    A smart and capable person can achieve a lot on their own, but they can do even more if they’re well connected. We think it’s the same with software. Connecting CourseStorm software with the other tools and solutions you use regularly, means you can do more with less effort. Software integrations, as we previously explored, lift the burden of data entry so your team can focus on supporting students, patrons, and instructors.

    In this article, we’re introducing you to our top five most popular software integrations. These are the top five ways that our clients connect CourseStorm software with other digital and online tools. We’ll show you how they can save you time and money and give you some examples for why you might want to try them.

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  4. Software Integration Basics

    Ever notice how software sometimes seems to make everything move just a little faster? 

    You check your calendar and invite someone to a meeting via email with the click of a button. You visit a website and pay for something online with no waiting. You check your fitness tracker results in an easy-to-read chart in an app. You log into your credit card website to pay a bill and see your credit rating. You support a cause and seconds later invite your social media followers to do the same—without even leaving the thank-you screen. 

    If you’ve ever observed how smoothly these applications work together, you can probably thank an integration. If you’re noticing it more often, it’s likely because we’re surrounded by software applications which we use for everything from online meetings to records management to getting takeout delivered. And if you’ve never really thought about it, well, that, for an integration, is a job well done.  

    In fact, while on your way to this article you probably used several software integrations, some without even knowing!

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  5. Streamlining Access to Online Classes

    We are streamlining registration for online classes.

    From the beginning, our mission at CourseStorm has been to streamline access to education. It’s what drives our entire company every day. It’s built-in to our pay-as-you-go business model, the smooth design of our software, and the deliberate decision to focus on lifelong learning. In short, it’s in our DNA.

    And we’re confident that the customers we’ve served across the US would agree we’ve done an excellent job. On average, CourseStorm customers have seen a 12% increase in registrations year-over-year as we continually add new ways to help them reach more learners.

    In our continual effort to expand access to education, today we are announcing yet another way to help programs reach more learners: deeper integration with online classes.

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  6. Feature Spotlight: The CourseStorm Widget

    You’ve set up your classes for online registration with CourseStorm, and your catalog’s ready to go. There’s a good chance you have a site of your own, though, and you’d love to include a list of your classes on your site. Fortunately we make this really easy with the CourseStorm class list widget!

    Our widget allows you to plug in a bit of JavaScript code to your site that will load classes from your CourseStorm catalog. Even better, you have complete control on how you style the list of your classes; if you know CSS or know web designers who do, you can make our widget appear seamlessly with the existing design of your site.

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  7. Adding Your CourseStorm Online Class Calendar To Your Website

    Want an easy way to display a calendar of your upcoming classes on your website?

    For anyone who attends regular classes or anyone who wants to keep track of upcoming classes, viewing your courses in a calendar format is a convenient way to see upcoming classes at a glance.

    Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial for adding a constantly updating Google calendar to your site, and the good news – it takes very little technical expertise!

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