1. Feature Spotlight: The CourseStorm Widget

    You’ve set up your classes for online registration with CourseStorm, and your catalog’s ready to go. There’s a good chance you have a site of your own, though, and you’d love to include a list of your classes on your site. Fortunately we make this really easy with the CourseStorm class list widget!

    Our widget allows you to plug in a bit of JavaScript code to your site that will load classes from your CourseStorm catalog. Even better, you have complete control on how you style the list of your classes; if you know CSS or know web designers who do, you can make our widget appear seamlessly with the existing design of your site.

    Take a look at how the class list widget blends perfectly with the rest of the Ely Folk School website:

    The CourseStorm widget on the Ely Folk School site

    In addition to customizing the colors and formatting of the widget, you can also control what displays at all. Want a simple list with just the name and start date of the class? The widget can do that! Want a full-fledged catalog with images, prices, and a button that links directly to the registration screen for the class? We can do that too. We want to give you as much control as possible to make the widget your own.

    Maine Audubon uses our widget to display a clean list of their upcoming classes:

    The CourseStorm widget on the Maine Audubon site

    The widget is great to use in small blocks of content, too! MaineGeneral has a widget-powered “Classes & Events” block on their home page:

    The CourseStorm widget on the MaineGeneral site

    Want to start using CourseStorm to take online registrations for your program? Or want to integrate your existing CourseStorm catalog into your existing site? Email our Support Team today and they’ll be happy to help!


  2. Adding Your CourseStorm Online Class Calendar To Your Website

    Want an easy way to display a calendar of your upcoming classes on your website?

    For anyone who attends regular classes or anyone who wants to keep track of upcoming classes, viewing your courses in a calendar format is a convenient way to see upcoming classes at a glance.

    Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial for adding a constantly updating Google calendar to your site, and the good news – it takes very little technical expertise!

    Read more

  3. How to Integrate Your Website With CourseStorm

    When you become a CourseStorm customer, we create and host a course catalog for you on a CourseStorm website. We deliberately designed CourseStorm in this way to relieve you from the burden of dealing with course registrations and financial transactions. We handle all of that for you so you never have to worry about it. (We’ve got you covered!)  Along with these benefits, you get the peace of mind knowing that your CourseStorm website is unique to your organization, includes your program name, lists only your classes, and is branded with your logo and colors. Read more